What is the strangest thought that's ever popped up in your head?

A matter of perspective is the only difference between what may be considered strange, and what is within the comfortably normal category.

During my high school years, Friday and Saturday nights were frequently spent at a bonfire party somewhere in the desert. People gathered around a fire of stolen wood pallets, eyes and ears always on alert for signs of police rolling up to bust the party.

I was there for many reasons. Most likely my body was hijacked by raging hormones that demanded I seek the opposite sex. Yet I did not want to be there as an active participant. The only time I don't feel alone is when I am by myself. I enjoyed standing back in the darkness observing people and thinking how strange they are. How odd it is to watch people reciting lines from a play as old as time and thinking they are the first to say or act the role in this play that they dont even realize is a rerun. They bite their tongue when their true self attempts to emerge. They suppress action to conform. To what? For what? I cannot make sense of this mass hysteria. This is strange indeed. Why and how do the masses allow themselves to not live as themselves? How and why do they suppress self to don a character in an old rerun. This is strange, yet this is nothing new. For a society that claims to value individual freedom of choice to allow their authenticity to be willingly sacrificed for any reason is a strange thought. Are we past the point of no return on this mass hysteria mind over matter assisted evolutionary path. How can so many be so unaware? A bee is limited to a specific role by physical capabilities or un capabilities. The individual has little or no value. Were bees and ants once like us? Did they consciously give up their individuality resulting in a physiological change over time? A beekeeper can appraise the future value of a hive by the number of bees in the hive. True only if the bees play their assigned role till their death. Live and die making honey. Your life is valued by the appraised value of they work you are projected to do in your life. This is maximized by playing your part. Biting your tongue. Selling your soul. Any deviation from your assigned part is less honey. At all cost everyone must play their part. For from the moment of your birth you were assigned a debt for the amount you will make in a fully compliant productive life.

So the strangest most logical thought I have ever had could be that choice by choice the human race as we know it will soon be extinct. Every decision to suppress self will be manifested from choice to action, to accepted normalcy of a partitioned humanity that drives this mass hysteria driven evolutionary path to its obvious end of the human race.

I find the thoughts of the masses to be strange. The only time I dont feel alone is when I am by myself. So, if this thought is logical and obvious to me. Then it might seem strange to most.

Going anon here.

I'd recently lost a love. It was normal, yet this time it devastated me. Her too, it turned out. But she was moving on and up. So be it.

I'd lost love before and had begged for some sign from the eternal that it'd be all right or pass, whatever. Nothing.

This time something happened. I was driving north, a long way and saw a cloud, similar to a cumulus I'd earlier searched for answers. I said, inwardly, "You let me down then, and where are you now?" This time an answer came. Loud and distinct in my mind, "I'm here. Always have been."

What the?

Who was that? It was not expected and I didn't make it up. But the ‘answer' to my supplication was distinct and accompanied by a warm spread up my spine and neck.

I fell into a kind of sobbing ecstasy as I drove three more hours. I came to terms automatically with countless vexations and conundrae in my inner soul. I realized the truth of myth and dream and hope. I learned we are one. Not just humans and animals, but all life and matter; plants, rocks, galaxies, etc. We are eternal no less or more than eternity itself. We've always been here and always shall. Everything matters and nothing matters. And we're all loved unconditionally by creation herself.

Anyway, it was a powerful, horizon-expanding experience. The occasional warm tingle of my spine and head are a reminder of what I ‘discovered'.

I like that.

I think the strangest thought i ever had was when i was meditating on a subject and contemplating the very beginning of time itself and I went into a very vivid daydream thought journey of being present at the moment of the big bang (because technically everything that we are composed of was present and there is a theory that the universe is pure consciousness so we would have all been conscious of that moment) And since nothing existed before that moment. The brand new conscious force that was suddenly changing from nothing to everything saw the nothingness slip away forever as we expanded so quickly that we needed time to organize it all. And there was a feeling of melancholy for the loss of that perfect state of nothingness which we could not remember except for the knowledge of it in the very first microseconds of existence. I realized that this would have been the first emotion felt by the consciousness of the universe and i started to think perhaps we are more than parasites on a planet consuming its resources and that the collective human mind itself may be the source of all that is. And i felt very connected to my fellow living things, not just those in my culture or species or type but every living thing that ever did and will ever exist.

Is my dog hitting on my husband???

My little dog had a problem with dry skin, so I got her some doggy pj's.

I have weird thoughts every single day. Google "shower thoughts" and "www.halfbakery.com", they're both great resources for half-assed, brain-on-the-moon ideas.

One weird thought I had today was to troll Quora with totally inane questions having ludicrous preconditions like:

"Why are the holes on the sides of my penis so small?"

"Why aren't potatos as sweet as other pickles?"

"Is gluten-free beef still considered organic?"

"My dog can no longer tolerate chocolate, should I give it sugar?"

"Did Americans elect Donald Trump because he's white?"

"Why do elephant whales hunt in packs?"

but thought better lest I get banned.

strangest thought?

not the strangest thought but a random weird contemplation

whenever i lose something like for say a 'key' and i am searching for it with all my determination and perseverance,(Murphy's law- you will lose your key only when you need it the most and when you are in a hurry!) that thing (key) relaxing in the least accessible corner under the sofa laughing at you and saying, "hey idiot! look im here. i know you need me now and that's why i jumped out of the sofa and laying under it. so pleasing to see you struggle"

What is Southern Europe like in Winter?

The question is what you call winter as you make a distinct contrast to summer in the question details. It obviously tends to get extremely hot in the actual summer months (June, July, August) but if you stretch the concept of summer to half a year contrary to a winter half that is a different

What if Muslims never came to India?

Well I guess .,then the second dominant religion would have been Buddhism in india . The kind of relation hinduism and islam share now in india would have been similar level between hinduism and Buddhism .For sure hinduism would not have been the only religion in india like e.g islam is in s arabia