What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on Duolingo?

It isn't the weirdest thing, but it is distasteful. I find that the sentences reflect the bias of society. They are things like The girl is pretty. The boy is smart.

I actually started saving some of them.

I know I'm answering my own question, but soooo many recently that I couldn't resist:

I've had a few.

One of them was "Hvem spiser vegitarianeren", which was "what is eating the vegetarian"

Yes, literally.

The only others I can recall are these two

As Pamila Jo Florea has said, there are a few issues, but not exactly too weird stuff. I find their use of colors on figures representing humans quite interesting. Considering that I did not find it much more than interesting, I do not have screenshots to prove the point, but I have to say that on occasions, it becomes quite interesting: why is she like that, or why is he like that?

I have to say that other than that, I have never come across anything too offensive or too annoying, just minor issues regarding their use of colors.

Have you ever handwritten someone a love letter?

I met him when I was 13. Fresh into my teenage years, I really wanted a pen-pal. It seemed like such a wonderful concept !And there he was, 14 years old - cute, charming and boyish.That was new for me, as I was from a convent girls school, and did not have any guy-friends.We met through

Where does the old tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas come from?

This was not always a happy time of year in fact it's the darkest part of the year .Crops have been harvested ,winter weather sets in it's a dead time of sorts .If you are from a place that has brutal winters you will be spending time indoors ,maybe a good time for story telling .The sun will

If you could be born again and choose what nationality, gender, and race to be, what would you choose? Why?

Any First World country with free education, healthcare and a AAA/AA rating. Visafree travel to anywhere that matters, ridiculously high wages and a strong military.Peace