What's the worst thing that will happen if I refuse to sign the divorce papers?

You'll keep on waiting for that other shoe to drop. And you'll be paying legal bills. You'll be stuck with a person who doesn't want you, and you'll not be able to move on with your life and be truly open to someone else. You're asking to stay in a dead relationship, whether through unfounded hopes they'll come to their senses or retaliation against some new relationship that they've found.

Neither is emotionally satisfying to you for long and if the tables turn, and you find someone, they may decide to not sign and let you hang.

Handle this like a adult, divorce and leave the bad behind.

Are there any colors of clothing that attract negative attention that one should be aware of while traveling in Europe?

I can't really think of any one particular color that would attract negative attention while travelling in Europe. No one color has an extremely strong negative connotation that would be offensive.I travelled through Germany, UK, France and the Netherlands wearing the following outfit

What are some of the best English names Chinese people give themselves, but are not generally found outside China?

I am the only Chinese who don't use Eng name in my current company where I am surrounded by colleagues naming themselves in creative but weird if not wacky names.  Purely out of my interest I am trying to make summary on these spectacular Eng names.1, very common

How to become financially savvy and start to build wealth at 18 years old

Unlike most people think, wealth is not created by saving money. And it is not created by working hard either.Wealth is generated as a result of creating incremental value.* You can work hard and do what you are told to do and do it better than others. At best you make a lot of money