What's your biggest gripe at the gym?

Biggest gripe that will be dumbbell sometimes i couldn't get the exact weights that i want to lift due to its shortage in the gym.

Apart from it i don't like big crowd traffic in the gym. Traffic of people should be managed by its owner or gym must be wide open not to be conjusted , adequate space must be exist so that people can walk and do their cardio and any kind of accident could not be occurred due to it.

What habits will make me productive?

1. EAT BREAKFAST: Breakfast is important for maintaining our health and study shows that healthy people are more productive.2. KEEP YOUR DESK CLEAN: Keeping your desk clean is key to being able to get more work done.3. STOP CHECKING EMAIL FIRST THING

Under Indian law, can someone marry another person while his/her divorce case is still in court?

Under Indian Law every person has a right to personal liberty.Just because the courts have lot of cases pending does not mean that they can deny the right to marry to a person if his case is pending in a court.File a petition asserting fundament right to

What is the perfect male body in terms of attractiveness?

I am 5'6" and solidly built, so I like a man who is about 5'10" with a muscular build and a moderate amount of body hair. Well-defined abs, shoulders, buttocks, and forearms are very nice.I have a gay fitness trainer friend who is pumped more than I would need if he were straight (oh shucks), but