What's your pet's name, and how did you choose it? Does the name have any special meaning?

We named one of our dogs Tessie. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, and "Tessie" is the song they play at Fenway when the Sox win. Here's a great story about "Tessie":

Before the ubiquitous Red Sox Nation, there were the Royal Rooters, a very vocal group of Boston-based fans. When the Red Sox, then the Boston Americans, played the Pittsburgh Pirates in the very first World Series, the Royal Rooters attended every game, home & away. And...they stood and sang "Tessie" [a minor song from a failed Broadway show] over & over & over during the entire game. The ENTIRE game. Every game. Boston won, and when someone asked the great Honus Wagner who played for Pittsburgh why the Pirates lost, Wagner just looked at the reporter and said, "I hate that damn song." Heh heh heh

How to save money in college

To save money in college, you need to do 2 things:Set a monthly savings goal - How much you want to save each month.Control your spending so you hit it.The steps are simple, but actually controlling your spending isn't. You need to have

Why does my husband beat himself?

You know... it's not very easy to manage all relations equally. Specially when they are very close. There is no son who gladly hear against his mother. you two are dearest to him. Again he is working in a IT sector where the work load is heavy. May be he feels tired and whenever

Does age difference matter in marriage?

There are more important things here than your looks or age. First of all, you say because of responsibilities you decided to marry now. Ask her what her plans are for the next ten years. If you do not have a problem with her plans, explain your responsibilities to