What's your top 5 Sci-Fi shows?

1. Planetes : Planetes is a hugely underrated anime. It's a hard sci-fi low-key space opera set in the 2050s/2060s with the premise of human space exploration's boom and the main cast are the characters working in space debris clearing section. The story is very intriguing and they didn't stretch it. It has only one season still it's one of the most memorable anime out there.

2. The Expanse : Need I to remind how fans saved the show after it's cancellation post 2nd season on Syfy network by petitioning to Amazon? The show has earned that loyal fan base because they have sophisticated source material - The novels themselves are highly praised. The cast, the story everything is on point. If only it was promoted nicely from season 1 it'd been in the leagues of GoT & Westworld. The writers respect the books and try to make the show as realistic as possible.

3. Westworld : HBO scored a 10/10 by delivering scifi lovers something like GoT. The show is fresh, the cast is talented and the content is awesome. As it comes from the studio that created tv series for GoT, this also has a lot of gore -but it's worth it, and believe me on this because I generally avoid gore heavy fiction. (Yes, I haven't actually watched GoT. Yes, I'm a normal person.)

4. Cowboy Bebop : I just recently started watching it. It's one of the most talked about anime. The animation is cool and the story never bores you. For an anime it falls in the sophisticated dark type of anime category.
(3 space operas out of 5 so far? Ok I might be a space opera lover.)

5. Agents of Shield: I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this but marvel actually made their first mcu tv show good. The first 2 seasons were good - it Kind of turned into a fan service around season 3 but they pulled back their fans by putting actual efforts in season 4 & season 5. The occasional cameos from MCU are Ok : They try not to acknowledge movies easily still Agents of Shield is best MCU connected show, because when it does reference the movies - it's not embarrassed about it unlike Netflix shows.
(OHH SPOILER ALERT : First half of season 5 of this show is also set in space. Space nerd confirmed.)

P.S. If you didn't want animes for recommendation then I'd mention 2 more live action tv shows : Altered Carbon and Stargate Universe.

TIMELESS ! Be sure to watch the 2 hour finale on NBC on Dec. 20, 8 PM EST. To see the earlier 2 seasons, watch on HULU and NBC.com. It's a wonderful show about romance, friendship, history, herstory, and time travel!

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