What scene from a movie could you watch over and over because of how it makes you feel?

The "Club Silencio" scene from Mulholland Drive (2001). It encapsulates so much of the emotion, mystery, misdirection, and unreal nature of the rest of the film, and provides the spark that moves the film on into it's second half. The actresses playing Betty and Rita, and the singer Rebekah del Rio, project so much emotion into the scene that it strikes a deep and resonant chord with the audience. To put it in perspective: I hate Roy Orbison. I can't stand his voice, his songs, his weird pseudo-beatnik appearance or his porcine face. I find his song, "Crying," particularly nauseating and puerile, and can't turn off the radio or tv fast enough if I hear it. Del Rio's Spanish version of the song, however, transcends all of those objections and somehow makes the song beautiful and profound. It adds a poignancy to the women's relationship, and makes this scene powerfully emotional.

Why does having a woman worry about him make a man feel good?

Because having a woman worry about you means she cares about you-she sympathizes & likely empathizes with this man, wants the best for him, and thus this

How long can a human survive on eating only dog food and drinking water?

I don't know. Partly this is because dog food isn't uniform. For example, a German supermarket I know of sells dog food with vegetables clearly visible in it, but mostly I don't think that's very common. On the other hand, I don't have a dog myself, so I could be