What sci-fi show should I watch next?

Others have posted pretty good responses, but I'm going (mostly) old school.

The Prisoner. Yeah, the effects are dated, and some of the dialogue is stilted, but the concept is as fresh as ever.

Shows I have already watched and loved: All Star Trek series , All Stargate Series, Original BS-G, Eureka, Pretender, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Forever, Both Dirk Gentlys, Flash Gordon (old 50s one and early 2000s one) Fringe, Stranger Things, Humans, The Prisoner, Farscape, Brisco County Jr

Things I don't like : Anything with a lot of violence or sex. Anything that is more fantasy than science like witches, vampires, ect. I am not too much into superhero TV shows.

The newer BATTLESTAR is worth it. Then FIREFLY, obviously, which is light and funny and short too if you are a binger. Continuing with Whedon, DOLLHOUSE is very similar to westworld but more family friendly. But if a bit of inappropriateness doesn't bother you WESTWORLD is worth it. CHUCK is family friendly as well and very entertaining and a light and funny show as well.

Why don't people believe in the Ancient Aliens theory?

Scientists and academics refuse to countenance the idea that there is, or ever has been, anything in the entire immensity of the universe that has an intelligence or intellect that is greater than theirs.It is common knowledge that mankind is even now experimenting with various kinds of artificial intelligence. Who is to say that we are

Why does it mean when somebody calls you an alien?

An alien is a person of another family, race, or nation.If someone calls you an alien, it means he does not consider you as part of the group where be belongs to.Mostly, the person harbors some ill feelings against the person he calls

Have you seen a ghost in your life? Whether it's true or not? Can anyone believe there is a ghost in this world?

There was this time when I was playing chess with my father, and the board wasn't reset, and when i came back to reset the board, i could have sworn a piece moved. Luckily, i recorded the game... So i checked the video, and the piece moved. What was strange is that no one was over by where the