What separated Farscape from other sci-fi shows?

Space Opera Shows During that Period

Farscape they were convicts. They didn't have some higher government or group looking after them. Voyager would be the most similar to Farscape in this regards, but they still had a command structure to follow.

The crew in Farscape was being chased by a government, mad scientist, and a rouge douche bag, but did not have a government to call their own. They had to survive based on their own laws. Sometimes they did the right thing, and sometimes they slipped up. They acted on self-interest instead of the entire crew.

*Lexx is near the same concept of Farscape. However, the crew in Farscape was more ethical, and the main focus of the crew was not their sex drive in almost every episode.

I would say the uniqueness of and effort placed into the creation of so many different species, many of which were Jim Henson puppets, several of when required several people to run all at once. The willingness of the producers to run with really weird shit which was really refreshing. It was well-budgeted SciFi that didn't come from an American or British studio so the perspective was a little different, there was a LOT of humor, sex, and tears and TONS of pop culture references that were funny for the viewer. Performances from Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Wayne Pygram and Virginia Hey were simply unleashed and allowed to run wild (and usually AMAZING). It just had a lot of the right ingredients, with some exotic spices served at just the right time.

To me the show was separated by both excellent acting and good stories. Each character was a flawed and unique individual and over the course of the show they all faced their demons in ways that were not trite  or cop-outs.
I also liked the well developed alien cultures and species and the fact that humans weren't even on the radar of these species.
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