What sequel was better than the first movie?

Specifically the first sequel so no later movies in franchises just the second being better than the first?

OK there's a few...and this is personal subjective choice so I'm not going to put movies I haven't seen {The Godfather Pt2} or don't personally believe are better than the first {Empire Strikes Back, For a Few Dollars More} or just don't remember well enough to say but think I liked more than the first {MI-2}.

From Russia With Love is regularly voted as the best James Bond movie ever {I prefer some of the others personally but it is up there and miles better than Dr No}.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is in my opinion more re-watchable than Raiders of the Lost Ark {This could be down to the sheer number of times I watched Raiders as a kid though}.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan although not as good as "Voyage Home" or "Undiscovered Country" is a million times better than the borefest that was "The Motion Picture"

Aliens The best Horror Movie ever made! One of the best Action movies ever made! And the second best Sci-Fi movie ever made {after Return of the Jedi!}.

Back to the Future 2 Surpassed the first film.

Gremlins 2 is much more of an outright comedy than the original and in my opinion is one of the greatest comedies ever made {only surpassed by Airplane!}.

Ghostbusters 2 Another contrary and unpopular opinion I realise but personally I found this to be slightly better than the first movie.

Lethal Weapon 2 is the best Lethal Weapon film.

Terminator 2 pretty sure this is gonna be on everyone's list!

The Dark Knight isn't up for negotiation! It knocks Batman Begins into a cocked hat!

Prince Caspian is much better than the insipid Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe adaptation.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 is vastly underrated and for me the best Spider Man movie so far.

Guardians of the Galaxy Pt 2 is much more to my liking than the first movie which I found overly abrasive.

Ant Man and the Wasp is slightly better than Ant Man

What are some masterpieces of death in the Marvel universe and the DC universe?

The Death of Captain Marvel was the first graphic novel I ever bought and I thought it was wonderfully done. Without flimsy plot angles or contrived villainous schemes, the subject was handled with frankness, emotion and finality. This is the only comic book work I know that was both straightforward and genuine about the death of

Is Fritz Lang's M the greatest movie of all time?

I dont know about the greatest but it's rare for a film to even attempt to make an audience feel sorry for such a despicable protagonist like a child raping murderer that Peter Lorre plays. I cant think of too many films that attempt to win an audience's empathy for such a bad man with no redeeming

What comic books is R.L. Stein writing for Marvel?

Well, he seems to specialize in horror, so my guesses are either:A series based around symbiotes, as those kind of creepy crawly alien bad guys seem entirely up his alley.Maybe something with Dr. Strange, as he deals with the paranormal occasionally.Blade, because again, supernatural stuff seems like his forte.Something entirely original with