What should I definitely do at Oregon when visiting?

Oregon is a large state. If you're planning on visiting the whole thing, here are some ideas (dependent on weather/season):

  • Visit Crater Lake.
  • Ski at Hood, Ashland, or Bachelor (or all three).
  • Fish in the Rogue River and Spring Creek.
  • Go hunting for Sunstones (there are too many areas to list here).
  • See the Oregon Zoo.
  • Visit the Grotto in Portland.
  • Visit OMSI in Portland.
  • Shop 5th Street Market in Eugene.
  • Go wine tasting in the Willamette and Rogue valleys.
  • Check out Wildlife Safari near Winston.
  • Visit Enchanted Forest near Salem.
  • Visit Mariner's Square in Newport.
  • Attend a performance at and learn the history of the Ross Ragland Theater.
  • Explore Hells Canyon.
  • Climb Mt. McLoughlin.

Those are just some of many options in this fantastic state.

One of the coolest things I did when visiting Oregon was to tour the lava tubes outside of Bend. If you do go, bring a flashlight for each person. Don't forget to experience a blackout, where everyone turns OFF their lights simultaneously and can't even see a hand in front of ones face!

Down and Dirty in Oregon - Exploring the Lava Tubes of Bend

Also fun: paddleboarding on Elk Lake (in summer) and white water rafting down the Deschutes River.

Take a drive from Portland to Hood River on I-84 and branch off into the road that runs parallel to 84 near Multnomah falls. It is one of the spectacular scenic highways in the US with the Columbia River Gorge on one side and a bunch of waterfalls on the other side including Multnomah and Monkey falls.

Crater Lake if you can drive way South.

Another great drive is get on the 26 towards Astoria/Seaside and start going South on Highway 1 up to at least Cannon Beach and however far south of Cannon Beach you can go.

All the above 3 require at least a whole day and relaxed pace to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.


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