What should I do if I come in contact with ZoZo whenever using an Ouija board? I'm planning on getting one in the future.

What should I do if I come in contact with ZoZo whenever using a Ouija board?

You should close the board immediately! Then cleanse the energy of the area with smudge and put your board in salt.

But let's start at the beginning. A Ouija or spirit board should be used properly and with correct ritual. If you're using the board incorrectly, you are bound to have problems. If you're using it with the intention of being frightened, just put the board away. You're asking for it. Odds are that you won't have ZoZo come through, but there are plenty of other entities with whom that you might tangle.

Use the board seriously and solely with the intention of getting answers that are for your highest and best. When opening the board you need to set the boundary that only beings of love and light are allowed to make contact and only for the highest and best.

Learning how to make a protective circle prior to opening your board is always a good idea. Being in a circle lessens the likelihood of any energies attaching to your home.

Also, always close the board when you are finished!

Short and Sweet: Odds are that you won't encounter the infamous ZoZo or Puzuzu. But if you do, close the board and get out the sage!

Johnna White is the owner of Pixie Dust Metaphysical Boutique in Sarasota, Florida.


A encounter with zozo is rarer then u think but if you do come in contact there are things u should be prepared for. Any demonic haunting comes in 3 steps: infestation where the demon pretends to be just another ghost, oppression when they mentally and physically break you and possession when they try to take over you before the possession it will be easier to exercise the demon to leave u alone but it will still be difficult you might want to to get rid of the Ouija board but more than likely it will come back what u should do is lock it in a small room and have some one bless the room regularly and the whole house u should also smudge the house with sage. There is no guarantee that will 100% work since demons can stay dormant for years even decades

I have been useing Ouija boards since i was young and have never come across any being named Zo Zo so who ever told you that this is something or some one to watch out for does not know what they are talking about or they are delusional,Sorry to say. However i have come into contact with many demons for which gave their names and there is a book with all their names out there that you can make sure they are real. It is - "The Dictionary of Demons:Names of the Damned" by Michelle Belanger or "The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology" by Ellen Guilly,John Zaffs. These are 2 books that will come in very handy . however in all my time using a Ouija board you havento always make sure you use it properly !!! In a circle if salt and you must close the board before you open that circle!! And never use the board by yourself!!! If you honor the board you will only have good experiences with it, however never let anyone who thinks it a game join you!! Thats when you have problems! And once you have problems you have to call someone like me to come in and depossess you and everyone else, your hone and then close the board and take it from you. And you may never use one again!!! So please. Heed my warning.

The Ouija board should never be used. But since there are tens of thousands of demons and the Devil himself existing in parallel dimensions around the entire globe at any given location there is no guarantee that you will come in contact with this one. They have to want to communicate and deliberately do so in order for a human to come in contact with them. Doing so is detrimental to your life and future prospects of salvation from God. Consulting with them is much worse than consulting with mass murderers and serial killers with life sentences on death row.

Guys for those who generally don't know, communicating with a ouji board can be really dangerous. There is a such thing as devils and anyone who "responds" isn't from the good side.

I wouldn't believe the bored , the devil is known as the father of lies... just saying

Guys you have a choice in life, a choice to seek out the truth. I pray you see the genuine love of a God so good to take our place for our mistakes.

Marry Christmas! Also I watched this movie 2 nights ago :O

Well unless your schooled professionally on the paranormal supernatural and you definitely know how to protect yourself then I guess plan on having a demon attach itself to you. Because that's what's going to happen. You shouldn't be messing with the dark side unless you know how to protect yourself. I still have a hard time understanding why they sell those things at toy stores. It's just wrong.

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