What should I do if I love a guy, but he doesn't love me anymore? I have tried my hardest to win him, but it was quite pointless. I went out with at least 30 guys after he left a year ago, so meeting someone else is not going to help.

Try and come to terms with the rejection.

Not focusing on yourself and ,honestly, the grief that comes with losing a close friend or partner is only going to make it hurt more. Take time for yourself to heal and overcome the hurt. Even if you still love him be able to put yourself first. Stop making him the priority in your romantic life. Make yourself the priority

For me, I lost a close friend that I'd had for years and it really struck me to the core. But with time and when I stopped always caring about them and thinking about what I could have done different. I learnt to heal and I no longer even think about them, and to a strong degree am even concerned about them on a whole. And it's that bit that's most important I think. Not caring what they're doing, seeing, succeeding at and just trying not to be resentful.

To wish them the best, say goodbye, and be the best you can be.

Hope that helps a little bit .

Are resistance Bands as good as weights for building muscles?

It depends on the kind of exercises that you're doing.The main difference between bands and weights is that the resistance increases when you pull the bands whereas it stays the same for weights/cables. The bands offer zero tension at the point of maximum extension and highest tension at the point it max contraction.This might be

How come genetics dictate people have a different number of front ab muscles?

We all have the same number of abdominal muscles. Just like we have the same number of biceps and triceps. The difference in how abdominal muscles appear is no different than the variation of appearence of any other muscle group. No two people have identical muscle shapes even though we all have the same

What calisthenics workout should I do as a teenager to get fit and strong without access to a gym?

The best Calisthenics workout is Pull-Ups if you find a perfect spot to do it or else just one of these below and stick to your door do pull ups then remove it from being an obstructions for your door. Further you can keep on going to do Muscle Ups if you perfect pull ups.Other easy ones to