What should I eat in New York City?

Whatever and whichever food catches your fancy, then go and eat well while you are here in NYC. What do you want eat, by the way?

Some suggestions:

Go eat at any of the foodplaces you find yourself in the Chinatowns located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Most are inexpensive and tasty.

Go eat Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or even Nepali food. Check Jackson Heights in Queens for this.

Eat at the Chelsea Market, which is a fancy mall in the Manhattan neighborhood bearing the same first name. So many choices you will find and be surprised to have there.

Fancy eating Latino, Hispanic, South American, Brazilian, Spanish foods? They're not really generic, not one and the same--you find such foods anywhere here in NYC.

Or maybe you like to eat street foods? Try any of the foodstands all over NYC. Or just try pizza, hotdogs, bagel, pastrami, etc etc.

Or do you want to eat balut, the cooked ‘aborted duck fetus' still in its shell. It's got aphrodisiac properties. Sounds gross to you? But still curious? Go early evening to 69th Street on Roosevelt Avenue via the 7 train that goes to Flushing /Main Street in Queens. Look for the street vendor there who hails from the Philippines.

Bon appetit!

Pizza. New York oh-my-God-this-tastes-so-damned-GOOD Pizza!! :-D

Oh, and anything you can find on display at Magnolia Bakery! But, personally my heart belongs to the German Chocolate Cake or Maple Walnut Cheesecake. Yes, it's fatting, it's embarrassing that all the world can see how weak you are, your resolve to stay on your diet collapsing like a skyscraper made out of Rice Crispies when a baby squirrel sneezes in it vague direction in Central Park when confronted by their myriad gustatory delights.

Oh, and Korean food i Midtown around Wezt 33rd Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue - it'll knock your sox off, it's so good. Not spicy like Indian food can be spicy. . . It's more a liberal use of garlic and other unusual spices. . . Kimchi is a brilliant invention of the Koreans - How it occurred to somebody to bury cabbage underground with spices for six months and then dig it and eat it - shser brilliance.

The classics: greys papaya hotdog, joes Pizza in Williamsburg BK, a bagel sandwhich from any bagel shop, a gyro, and Juniors cheesecake.

The expensive stuff: peter lugar steakhouse, Asia de Cuba restaurant, Nobu, and Tao.

Of course there are TONS AND TONS more. These are just a few that i thought of in the spur of the moment.

What are you in the mood for, and how much do you want to spend? That's how New Yorkers decide what to eat.

I think if you are interested in finding out where Chefs eat try Where Chefs Eat.

They're revealing the best hidden gems throughout the city on a regular basis.

I always go the places they recommend now.

You just sign up and they'll send you an email to ask you to select your city.

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