What should I know about German culture?

About holidays
  • The most important state holiday is October 3rd, the Day of German Unity, which celebrates the date when former East Germany joined the Federeal Republic of Germany in 1990.
  • Most other holidays are of Christian origin, most notably Christmas.
  • Different German states often have different holidays. There are even some local holidays.
  • Nearly all stores close on holidays and Sundays. Only restaurants and stores in train stations and airports are exempt.

what is impolite in German?
  • Personal space is relatively large - Under most circumstances, getting closer than arm's length to people will make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Being late is considered very impolite. If you have an appointment, always try to be on time, and give notice (and apologize) if you're more than 10 minutes late. The exception are informal parties with many guests, where arriving an hour after the official start is normal.
  • Sugar-coating criticism or rejection is something Germans don't really appreciate. If you mean no, say no.

when I set foot in German, which things catch my eye easily?
That depends a lot on where you're from. Things I've heard mentioned:
  • Everything is very clean (garbage lying around is not tolerated)
  • Everything is green (the climate is very temperate, the downside is that you can never rely on having good weather)
  • The towns are so pretty (there are very strict building codes)
  • People wait at red lights even when there are no cars (not always, but apparently much more than elsewehre)

Traditional German.
Not sure what to say here. Traditions are a huge and varied topic, and they tend to be local, i.e. quite different between different parts of Germany.
What Everybody Ought to Learn About German community

 German community is a contemporary, unbiased community: Lots of  people are well-read and take pleasure in a high standard of life, in  addition to adequate liberty to be able to prepare their lives as they  themselves choose. Like in other significant industrial countries,  German communityis dealing with the difficulty of addressing issues of  market trends, in certain the aging of german community. Nor, Twenty  Years after reunification, have the social effects of the department of  Germany been totally gotten over. In the course of globalization Germany  has actually taken a course that has actually made it a modern-day  immigrant community with progressively ethnic multiculturalism, and has  actually enhanced its efforts to incorporate the migrants in the nucleus  of german community. The socio-economic modification over the previous  couple of years sped up through the repercussions of the around the  world financial and monetary crisis has actually resulted in the  development of brand-new social danger scenarios and to higher  diversification in german community in regards to financial living  conditions looming. The Federal Government s most current guide on  poverty and wealth states that one in 4 Germans counts as inadequate or  needs to be safeguarded from poverty through state subsidies. The EU  specifies those homes as inadequate that have less than 60 percent of  average earnings at their disposal. At the minute that is around 780  euros for individuals surviving their own.

Demographic trends

3 trends are particular of group developments in Germany: a low birth  rate, enhancing life span and an aging community. For more than 30  years now Germany has actually been experiencing couple of births: With  small changes, considering that 1975 the variety of newborn babies has  actually been roughly 1.3 kids per female. This suggests that for 35  years the generation of kids has actually been smaller sized than that  of their moms and dads. High rates of migration to Germany avoided the  general populace from reducing appropriately. At the very same time, as  in other rich countries, life span has actually increased constantly,  and is now 77 years for guys and 82 years for females.

The increase in life span and, to an even higher degree, the low  birth rates are the factor for the 3rd trend: The ratio of youths in the  general populace is reducing, that of senior individuals increasing: In  the early 1990s there were virtually 3 individuals of an employable age  for each individual over 60. In the early 21st century, the ratio was  just 1 to 2.2 and computations suggest that within the next years the  ratio will certainly currently be less than 1 to 2. The aging of german  community is one of the biggest difficulties dealing with well-being and  household policy. For this factor the pension insurance provider plan  has actually long considering that been going through re-structuring: As  an outcome of group trends the standard cross-generational agreement is  less and less able to be funded, such that personal people are needing  to supplement it by making their own arrangements for aging. In  addition, family-related steps to enhance the variety of youngsters,  such as raising kid advantage and enhancing the variety of kindergarten  and cr?che locations, are likewise being carried out.

Families – an essential social organization

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