What should I know before going to Iran?

  1. We're very outgoing and friendly. Engage with us and you'll see random people on street would give you all sorts of valuable advice and information about where to stay or visit, what to eat, how much to spend, etc. People may even go out of their way to help you out if you just ask them.
  2. Haggle to get a good bargain. The prices in malls and traditional bazzars are usually not fixed. There is a lot of room for bargaining.
  3. Any place can be very cold or very warm (or very temperate), depending on the season of your visit.
  4. If you're into cuisine, taste any native dish available; you'll love the diversity. But if you want a safe choice, go with Kebab Kubide or Jooje Kabab. The former is meat, the latter chicken, and they are served everywhere.
  5. We usually take our shoes off in the house. If you're invited into a house, don't go in with your shoes on.
  6. Try to learn a couple of Farsi words. We'll love it if you try to speak Farsi.

Have a good trip.

Iranian here:

  • People are super friendly with tourists so don't panic about friendly people!
  • If you are a woman you must wear a "hijab" (and I am deeply sorry about that)
  • Exchange market in nowadays is pretty messy, before change your money to Rials make sure about the price.
  • We have some taxi station which people can share ride with each other and the destination is obvious, so if you are in a taxi station and the drivers yelling their destination and you see 4 persons in a car, it's pretty normal.
  • Iran is 4 seasons country and it has lots of beautiful places, plan your trip before.
  • Enjoy eating delicious traditional food like various types of Kebab.
  • And yes, it's super cheap country for Western tourists.

That you may be subject to harassment, imprisonment, verbal abuse and many other unpleasant situations or actions. Other than that...easy peezee. Mick

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