What should I know before travelling to China to work?

Need some quick clarification!

  1. What city?
  2. For how long?
  3. How much time to do you have for travel? Or are you more focused on tips for business ?

Otherwise, here's some miscellaneous tips to help you along the way.

-Bring a good gift for your business partners from your home country

-Beds at Chinese hotels may be very hard, don't fall down on them immediately

-You can negotiate at certain markets, not shopping malls. Start at the price you assume it was cost to be made in a cheap factory, don't be fooled by their huge initial asking price.

-Chinese food is the best. Make sure to eat well while you're there! Step out of your comfort zone, take recommendations.

-Bring pepto bismo just incase. Don't get your trip ruined by

-For some reason it takes a passport to buy Tylenol in mainland China. Consider bringing any medication you might need.

-Street food is riskier especially for a short-term unacquainted traveler. Save until after your important meetings.

-Tourist attractions can be crazy crowded on certain days/times, be forewarned. Mondays all the museums are closed.

-Don't trust people who approach you looking to practice English. Sadly.

-Luxury goods are all taxed and overpriced

-Get a VPN if you want to connect to certain Western websites

-Learn some Chinese

-Personal sanitation is your own responsibility, bring plenty of extra wipes and hand sanitzer

-Have a good time!

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