What should a guy say to a girl in an Indian arranged marriage set up?

Listen. Wait. Ok everyone here is saying stuff about expectations and Career etc. Ok stop right there.
If I was the girl the WORST thing you can do on the fist meeting is make it sound like a job interview. You are not hiring that person to be your spouse (lol). See your parents will have taken care of the whole technical stuff like how much money does the person earn, background, and all that stuff. Try to learn that boring technical info from the bio data sheet his/her family send your parents. During the meeting I think you should treat it like a first date. Ask your parents if u can meet up in a cafe down the street or something instead of going to another room in the house. It makes it more authentic. Then, just get to know the person generally.  On a first date you won't ask them a whole 10 year plan right? You'll talk about things you like, music you listen to maybe even fandom you are into and stuff. Just get to know them. If you are a guy, try to notice the following things.
1  is she the catty types? (if you have no experience in girls this would have been the drama queen in highschool ). You can tell this type of girl if she gets defensive very quickly or makes quick assumptions and quick judgments.  Any girl who makes you feel as if you need to defend yourself.

2. The matriarch.  She is the type that will spin you around your finger after the marraige. Not that it's a bad thing but you can tell if your girl is this type if she keeps trying to turn the conversation into an official background check of you. If she keeps treating it like an interview.

You generally wanna not go for these girls. You can generally tell if you like the girl if you had fun in this meeting and felt relaxed and easy to talk to.

Also here are some helpful tips for guys to remember before they meet the girl. Girls will have done their research meaning probably stalked you on social media etc and prepared a list of questions to ask and some really sneaky ways to get indirect answers. D9nt think bad of her for that even the most chilled out girl will do this. If she tries to ask you things about your school she honestly doesn t care she just wants to know about your previous relationships.  Etc. However if she simply talks in riddles and confuses you it's best not to go for her.  Eg. If she tries that thing where she points to another girl in the cafe and asks what you think of her .... honstlety don't go for her dude.

That said, most girls are super fun and outgoing especially if they live in a  big city and all. Just give her space, don't try to order for her, and make her feel special. Don't give out empty compliments. Give out compliments of her personality. 

Finally, an inside onto what the girl is thinking in her mind. So for me, as a girl, apart from the general nervousness etc and need to make a good impression etc I would generally want to know whether or not the guy (aka you) is the fun type of adventurous guy who will be up for fun times in the future. Honestly I don't wanna have a boring scheduled live in the future. Most girls would want the type of guy they can go out to movies with and out of the blue make a trip to go to Paris (or something.  I'm not talking about if you can afford it or not I'm talking about if you would be up for it. Like would you be all like yeah let's do it the flight leaves tommorow or would you be like but we will miss work and we haven't planned anything etc). I want to know how wild you are willing to be and how much fun you are willing to have.

If you think in those terms too try to think of her as another girl from your college would you like to invite her to those crazy midnight plans with your bffs and hangout with her as a friend every day after work?

Don't just say yes because she fills that boring criteria of sanskari girl with a good background and decent appearance.

Hope this helped! Tell me what you thought please.
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