What should everyone know before they start going to a gym?

As Ilija pointed out,

You just can't go to gym and start picking up dumbbells or put plates in a rod and start your workout. You need to warm up your body before doing anything. Try pushups, pullups, surya-namaskar or basic stretching exercises.

Only work on machines for 1-2 weeks. so that your body is used to lifting some weights. Then once you're confident go with dumbbells and rod but only under the supervision of Gym trainer.

Always wear a supporter to the gym if you're going to lift weights

Once you're done with the workout, do the stretching exercises.

After 2-3 weeks, start pushing yourself to do one extra lift. Try to break your limits.

Your body needs time to grow. Don't lose hope. Be patient. You'll see the results in 3 weeks max. Don't give up. Push yourself to the gym if you're not in mood. Working out will make you feel good. So don't make excuses. You'll be only cheating yourself.
Can animals help ease depression?

Yes. I have a companion cat (it is under service animals) who is very soothing when I'm depressed. She snuggles with me, purring up a storm in the crook of my arm. She gives me unconditional love as do I in turn. She is so important to me, especially

How good of a workout can you get, simply from flexing your muscles?

I used to be afraid of flexing my muscles in the studio - always looking around to check whether someone was potentially observing me because it felt so awkward at the beginning! With increased muscle mass and correlating increased confidence I am now flexing my muscles after each

What are the best tips for toning the abdominal muscles?

Funnily enough, I have just posted this in answer to another question. It works for male or female!!!The Best Exercises For Abs. [Try These]You should perform them until u physically Can't do 1 more to get the best results. Do them 3–4 times a weekYou can implement