What should foreign guys know before dating in Sweden?

What should foreign guys know before dating in Sweden?

That regardless of gender, anyone looking for a partner wants just that, a partner. Not a knight in shining armor, not a glorified maid who also has sex with you, but a human being who is on the same level.

Since we have both a high level of equality and a decent welfare state, no one is ever forced to remain with you if you're a shitty partner, especially since there is no stigma attached to being divorced or having a child out of wedlock. Being an absentee parent who can't get along with your ex pretty much sinks your reputation to the bottom of the ocean though, as does being the parent who hogs the kids for themself for no good reason.

We also don't really date. We hang out and if things go from friendly to romantic, it happens organically, although if the interest is there on both sides, usually rather quickly. Formal dates are for when you already are in a relationship and you want to treat your significant other.

Also, just because society doesn't judge us for having sex with whomever we want doesn't mean that we want to have it with you. We are not more promiscuous than anyone else and may in fact be considered pickier than most. Again, regardless of gender.

One thing that ties into the above is that we don't really react well to being approached by strangers just like that. If you're at some get-together for something you are both interested in however... Start talking and bond over that, and at the very lest you've gained a new friend. Same scenario if you're at a generic party, but with the caveat that most conversations you can join aren't really that interesting.

Last, but not least: Don't play games and don't assume that anyone is playing those with you, that makes for an awful foundation for a relationship. For the most part when someone says that they're not interested, they aren't. But, if you accept this and move on whenever you're rejected, the person who rejected you may still vouch for you if you meet a friend or family member of theirs that you have better (and more mutual) chemistry with.

That swedish girls are far more Democrat/Socialist Leftist than Men in Sweden. And feminist. Equality is politics. NOT something in relationships. Swedish women are Not golddiggers and they do not look for long term relationships or money..They look for cultural experiences that may lead to someting more longterm.

You can't buy a swedish woman. Good looks or sex will not get you there either. UN-Equality will get you there. A man will have to be selfish and have interests beside the woman. She is looking for a Life not a partner. If she had a Life she would already be occupied. You must provide her with all that and in return she will pretend that your flesh is worth noticing.

Sweden is the most dictator country in the world. if a foreigner has a job or a spot there, you can be absolutely sure he/she is an absolute compliment, gossip and jealousy machine. something like mercenary for Swedes. But because of the lie spread in media, the first thought of the people is that the dictatorship is in middle east or Africa or similar.

Swedish hate anybody who just compete with them or simply does not have above mentioned characteristics. if you investigate about the happy immigrant style in Sweden, all of them introduce such characteristics and therefore all they introduce cheap and low level behaviors. Even they are ugly because beauty is a very good high spot for somebody and Swedes do not tolerate any competition point, except from their mercenaries.

Swedes spend a lot of money and effort to keep a positive picture by any means, such as introducing bullshit feminist laws or claiming about human rights but these laws are for Swedes, not for non Swedes, specially non Europeans.

They do this because if the truth about Swedish society and their mindset get revealed to the world, other nations will hold them under sanctions or stop buying their products.

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