What should you do if you get lost in a foreign country?

A little panic at first, then after a panic attack or two the explorer inside me will wake up.

In this age of well developing technology I think I won't be in this problem for a long time, all I need is internet and Twitter. A tweet to Sushma ji will bring me out of the situation. And in the mean time I'll let my inner explorer enjoy it's time :)

Thanks for A2A Mehak Kulshrestha

PRAY! Then Go to police or a church or a school. I say those entities because they are usually service oriented places used to helping people. Call or go to US Embassy when you have problems in foreign countries.

I got lost in Siena, Italy and had a bunch of strange men following me. I looked in the houses for lights on and knocked on a window. I told the young man I was being followed. He called me a cab who delivered me to my hotel.

I got lost in Athens, Greece a couple times. I asked the bus driver and he told me at once!

Hari om, you are asking a question as to : " What will you do if you were stranded in a foreign country?". Hari om.


I would inform of my position and predicament to the Indian Embassy immediately and request their help in rehabilitating me. Hari om.

Hari om

What is the state of matter present inside a neutron star?

The matter is baryonic in nature yes, but the protons and electrons are crushed to form neutrons. So much so that even the spaces between the nuclei gets crushed. Giving rise to a new form of matter which is oddly known as nuclear pasta.

What is the way to organize a very stuffed/messy room with little storage or space?

I recommend employing the KonMari method, to get started. This involves cleaning and deliberating on whether your items are truly needed.If you are limited on space, getting a temporary storage unit will be helpful for making space to start with! Having limited room space can