What shouldn't I do if I go to the future?


Tip 1: Never say ‘I'm from the past!' or ‘I'm a time-traveller!'. They might try to experiment on you.

Tip 2: Don't go out of your way to greet your relatives. Because you might have to spend some time in jail because of impersonation.

Tip 3: Don't greet your future-self. Especially if you are a non-believer (Pun not intended). You might accidently book yourself an expenses-paid vacation to mental hospital.

Tip 4: Whatever you do......don't do a one-night-stand or get into a serious relationship with your girlfriend from the present if she's with your future-self. No matter how funny cockolding yourself might be.

Tip 5: Don't ask things like ‘What happened in the last few years?' or something along the lines of that question. The result can range from ‘Are-you-serious-brah?' looks to pitying glances which one might give to a mentally handicapped ones.

That's all I could think of right now. I will update this as soon as I think of new things. Hope you enjoy this answer. Thanks for A2A and Peace.

Nothing. The future doesn't effect the past, so have at it. You'll probably be smarter than the average denizen (and fitter too). You won't be able to contribute to society in technical ways. But you could bring back the old 10s. Maybe become a movie star that can do super cool period pieces of the early 2010s. You'll be very behind on culture, which will make you seem very eccentric. And being eccentric is good leverage when it comes to getting into show biz. For example, Bill Cosby's raping habit (pretty eccentric), R Kelly's pissing on fan habit, Michael Jackson child molestation habit.

In fact, nothing is off the table here. You could literally tell the whole world that you came from the past. They'd probably not care and think you're looney or trying to seek fame.

There's a lot of presictions about immortality being possible in the future too. But if you come from the past, you won't have any headstarts when it comes to making a lot of easy money. (Or maybe you will, since we're apparently getting dumber through the years.)

I would tell you what we SHOULD do in order to go to the future.

Since we have evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent world, our success, problem solving ability and survival depends on the proper, positive interconnections in between us.

Thus we will have to learn how to build unity, true, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. And it is not simple since we would need to do that above, against our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature, that is causing all of our present problems.

And for that we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method that can facilitate such a fundamental "self-change" through positive motivation.

Mutual Guarantee Is A Response To Nature's Challenge | Laitman.com

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Forget the past. If we did that, we'd probably just make the same mistakes over and over. The persistence of memory is what makes any intelligence effective. Any organism that doesn't recall its previous positions and earlier experimentation will be doomed to futile frustration.

Of course, ‘going to the future' is what you've been doing every second you've been reading this...

If you travel to the future, you should never reveal that you are from the past. Otherwise they will lock you up as a lunatic. Although I may be mistaken, I believe that this is a scenario which has already occurred. Instead, pretend that you are suffering from amnesia and cannot remember very much, that is, apart from the fact that you are an actor. This last is essential as you will need some explanation for your ‘period' costume. Just state that the last thing you can recall, is falling off the stage and hitting your head in the orchestra pit.

I would imagine that even were you to travel only a mere 30 years into the future, the language may have changed out of all recognition. All the more reason for that amnesia malarkey. For example, who from 1988 would know anything about the internet, E- Mail, Cyber warfare and so on. Anyway, if you do go and manage to return, I would be grateful if you could bring me back a copy of the future's financial pages...

Don't tell people you are from the past. You'll end up a guinea pig, unless time travel is common place in the future.

You may not have immunities to the viruses and diseases of the future. Find a doctor to get immunized.

Find some housing and what passes for a computer, and learn about everything important that has happened since your time. You may have trouble using the latest technology - it may require a chip or nano bots installed in you to use them.

Getting a job may be difficult - especially if you need a chip in you to identify you.

If you've gone far enough in the future, either no one will be here (we went fully digital and live in a virtual world), or we killed ourselves off, or we left the planet.

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