What small thing have you done that made a big difference in your personal financial situation?

It really is the small things. They add up quickly and make a big difference.

For example, I sold my Xbox One game console to a friend for 100 pennies and a surprise. Neither of us knows what the surprise is though. Probably could have gotten 100 dollars, but money isn't as much fun.

I mowed my neighbor's lawns all summer just because I wanted to. I didn't ask for financial compensation, however one of them did bake me some chocolate chip cookies. Totally worth it.

A hair stylist friend of mine cuts my hair for free whenever I want. She has made it clear that a tip is not necessary either, so instead I buy us lunch and we have picnics afterward.

I could certainly go on, but you probably get the picture. I like to give. My personal financial situation is abysmal. Making more money changes nothing. I need very little to survive. I give the rest away.

How would WWII have started if Hitler had never been a leader in Germany?

It wouldn'tIt's often said that the WW1 created WW2 but that's incorrect. It's much more exact to say that WW1 created Hitler who created WW2.There was no other politician in Germany who was that radical and that extreme. Without Hitler Germany would've become

What US state is most like a third world country?

During the cold war between the Communist block nations and the Industrialized captalist countries some writers, scholars and others saw the world divided into two primary camps. These blocs eventually became called the

Which country is the poorest and most backward in Africa?

According to FocusEconomics.com, the poorest African country is the Democratic Republic Of Congo. In 2016, The GDP per capita was 441 US dollars.The Poorest Countries in the World (2018-2022)