What souvenir or memento that you got on a trip is amoung your most cherished possessions?

I decided years ago that I wanted to be in Barcelona, Spain on my 35th birthday. I talked to friends about things I intended to do and see, but confided in some that I wanted to buy myself a traditional Spanish veil (mantilla) as my wedding veil. Now, I'm about to turn 38 and haven't had a man want to marry me since the one who used to beat and sexually coerce me. I don't know if I'll ever find someone who actually loves me and doesn't just say it when they're repenting of breaking my ribs. Nevertheless, I dream that I'll get married with my head covered with a mantilla. My kind friends didn't laugh at me for trying to get one.

We were in Barcelona for three days before going on a cruise. Everywhere I went, they did not smell mantillas. I was ready to give up, but figured it didn't make a difference, since I'm apparently never getting married.

On night #3, I went back to Sagrada Familia to take pictures of the cathedral at sunset. Well, I was a little early, so I turned around to look for a place to window shop.

I immediately saw a wall of shawls in bright colors and wondered if this shop also had mantillas. So I went in and asked and the woman guided me to an entire section just for mantillas. I selected a lace one with flowers and a scalloped edge. The next day, I brought my friend back with me and she got one of her own and helped me find a black and turquoise shawl for our mutual friend.

My mantilla is still sitting in a closet, waiting to be used, but it's my favorite memory of Spain.

What is the best business to open up in Africa?

A business that fulfils a need and that makes money.Africa is right now the China of 15~20 years ago=Everything is possible. Now real entrepreneurs don't ask for what is the best business to do. They constantly study the markets, discover, learn and find out by themselves. Do like the rest of us and do your

Did you ever discover something about your parents that you wish you never found out?

Going Anonymous on this.When I was 18, I started a new job in a minor government role in London. I needed to take my passport with me for my induction on the first day. I lived with my parents who were on holiday. After

What is the creepiest costume you have ever seen?

How do think about this one:MANLUYUNXIAO Halloween Pennywise Cosplay Scary Clown Costume for Adult and Children Any Size