What statistic would most people be surprised by?

Sri Lanka is a small island nation situated in the Indian ocean just to the south of India. Area of 65,610 sqkm and a population around 21 million. Ask an Indian about Sri Lanka and a typical reply would be ‘a small, maybe poor nation down under; famous for LTTE'.

Hello I bet these statictis will surprise even the smartest!

Lets Look

If we can travel at 99,9999% Speed of Light we will reach Alpha Centauri, our nearest star in 15 minutes and not 4,7 light years. This is called Quantum Time Dilation in which with increased speed the distances "shrink".

  1. Railways in Japan are so systematic that the average delay is around 18 seconds.
  2. When you snap your fingers, the average speed of the fingers is around 20 mph.
  3. 28% of IT Professionals do not disclose their job as they are scared of being asked for tech support.
  4. Paypal had by mistake credited $92 Quadrillion to a man named Chris Reynolds.
  5. 2% of people in the world have green eyes.
  6. In China, you can be hired as a fart smeller and make up to $50,000 per year.
  7. 55% of people yawn after reading the word "Yawn". You Just did, I guess.
  8. The mind can think up to 70,000 thoughts per day.
  9. Britishers drink 165 million cups of tea every day.
  10. 10% of the world's population is left handed.
  11. If volume of TV is set to odd, 90% of people feel uneasy.
  12. During the entire Twilight series, there are 26 minutes of just staring.
  13. Richest Superhero is Black Panther with a net worth of $90.7 Trillion.
  14. The Average woman loses 2–4 hours of sleep every night, thanks to overthinking.
  15. The Longest recorded Marriage lasted 90 Years and 291 Days.
  16. It took only 48 days to film Deadpool.
  17. 90%of people dont upvote the answer they like .

Let's talk about the great traditional Indian family.

Where the kids are supposed to be hush hush about anything related to "filthy" sex or genitals. No one has the right to question about shameful body parts like penis, vagina and buttocks. These "area x" parts of the body should never be referred to directly, otherwise family will be damned to shame beyond recovery.

I have literally seen parents use "shame" as an euphemism for genitals- "hide your shame, Arifat"

Very few, a minuscule minority of Indian parents care to impart sex ed to their children. The result? This statistic:

According to a study conducted in 2007 by Ministry of Women and Child Development, 53.22% of the children admitted that they were sexually abused.

53.22 percent. That is 1 out of 2.

Surprised enough? Don't be. Here is more:

52.94% among the abused kids were boys. 47.06% were girls. More boys than girls.

Time to break that stereotype, that old ridiculous one: "no one molests boys, boys are brave, they take care of themselves."

Guess what? Wrong. Little boys are being molested in India everyday, and no one cares to ask them if they are fine, instead, "why are you crying betaa? Are you a girl, why do you look sad? Be like a boy, man up. Don't disgrace the family!"

Now time for the worst part of the study:

50 percent of the abusers of the child are always the ones we trust. Yeah, the ones part of our disciplined modest family. Our cousins, our brothers, our uncles, our aunties- modest people, them.

Here is reality in front of our eyes. But we don't care to see it. I don't know why we have the habit of caring about issues that don't matter.

This matters. Our close minded approach to sex education is leading us to doom. Children are afraid to tell on their cousins, on their trusted "bayas" or "uncles."

We need to tell children what are personal boundaries. What kind of "touch" is right and what is unacceptable. What is sex, when is it safe, when is it harmful, and when can it destroy the person's life.

We need to tell them, sexual abuse is never the victim's fault, it is never shameful for the abused but only shameful for the abuser. The fault lies solely with that monster.

Parents need to be approachable and open. They should be there for their kids.


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The stat surprised me the most, and I'm summarizing the article noted below, is that the number of stars in the observable Universe is 10 times more than all the grains of sand on Earth. You'd need 10 Earths and all their sand to equal the number of stars out there. That in itself is mind-boggling. But perhaps more mind-boggling is the vastness in the opposite direction. It only takes 10 drops of water to equal that same number, in H20 molecules. That tells you how unbelievably tiny the molecules are.

Also interesting and back to the particles of sand analogy, there are approximately 1 billion sand particles in a cubic foot. Imagine a box of sand sitting in front of you, one-foot tall, wide, and deep. That is a Billion. Now picture 7 of those boxes. That's how many people live on planet Earth. It's doubled since 1970 which represents an absolute population explosion. In order to continue to survive, humans will need to find ways to live in harmony with our planet and one another.

Here are some more handy analogies for comprehending huge numbers: That box of a billion sand particles? Fill your living room with those boxes, 1000 of them, and now you've got a trillion sand particles. 1000 living rooms (this is a skyscraper by now), and you've got a quadrillion. 1000 skyscrapers, a quintillion, and so on.

Grains of sand in a measuring cup? That's about 2 million, the same population as Kansas City or Orlando metros (2010).

Source: Which Is Greater, The Number Of Sand Grains On Earth Or Stars In The Sky?

Source: Stars or Sand? Are there more Grains of Beach Sand or Stars in our Visible Universe?

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