What stops you to love someone?

Again a very common question..still a genuine one. This may come in your mind when you're confused what to do and what not to do, whether to be in love with a particular person or not.

It's normal and don't try to blame yourself for this. The answer to this question can be different from different point of views.

  1. You may not have yet come out of your past completely to start something new in your life.
  2. Maybe you don't have heart to heart connection with that person.
  3. Maybe because of some of your future goals you don't want to be distracted by getting into any kind of relationship.
  4. Maybe once you've been hurt so badly that you don't want to repeat that mistake ever in your life again.
  5. Parental pressure can also play an eminent role in this.

On whole I would like to tell that love is something which can't be forced on anyone. It's a feeling which is definitely divine. There maybe thousand of reasons not to love someone but if you truly love someone then you'll find that one reason why to love that person.

#spread love and peace

How does one fall out of love with a friend?

Stop doing things with your friend. It will feel like you've amputated a part of yourself. Find other activities that absorb all your concentration to cauterize the wound. Eventually the phantom feelings from your amputation will drive you to find a new place to put your love.