What strange things have commercial fishermen found in their nets?

Many things, from unexploded ordinance to what certainly looked like a Plesiosaur, which was trawled by a Japanese fishing ship. They tried to keep it but it became so stinky that they finally took photos and disposed of it. I think it has been postulated by some skeptics as a rotting Basking Shark. However I am not inclined to agree though I'm not convinced of the Plesiosaur theory either. I'm firmly astraddle the fence.

Perhaps the most famous and fascinating discovery by a commercial fishing boat was the discovery in 1938, off the coast of Madagascar, of a 127 pound Coelacanth. A fish found in the fossil record but long believed to be extinct. Today of course we know differently and even study living Coelacanth in their natural habitat.

Treasure: A US trawler fishing for butterfish in the Gulf of Mrxico hit a snag and when the net was freed - and pulled aboard it appeared that there was a pile of black rocks - in the net - which on closer examination turned out to be newly minted Mexican silver coins that were part of a large (lost in a hurricane) shipment from Mexico to the - then Mexican territories - in what was Spanish - "New Mexico," and is now Texas, USA.


How long will it take to get a tourist visa to Canada for an Indian citizen?

It typically takes 2–3 business week to get a Canadian visitor visa. It is a two step process: Apply online on CIC website by filling up forms, uploading supporting documents and paying the fees. Within next 1-3 weeks, CIC will evaluate your application details and make a decision. If approved, you will

What is a ghost? Is it true?

It depends on what you believe in. Some people don't believe in ghosts and some people do. I personally believe in them because i had a personal experience with them. Ghosts are known as spirits that are trapped on earth. There are several types of ghosts such as orbs and poltergeists.

Have you ever had any creepy experiences?

There was a house that I lived in previously to where I live now. When I first moved into the previous house, I noticed how the atmosphere was so thick and at certain times of the day things happened. Once I picked