What surprised you most when visiting Manama?

Based on my research and likewise my friends' visiting to Manama (Bahrain), there seems to be some items which surprised you, such as:

  1. Sultry weather which is unpleasantly hot and humid.
  2. Visiting lovely/hospitable folks
  3. Encountering crowed protests of Shia Muslims against discrimination ...

Extra information regarding the protests of Shias of Bahrain:

Perhaps you reach Bahrain in the time of protest(s) of Bahraini Shias, which can surprise you!

Let's frankly announce that there seems to be discrimination there, as occasionally it is shown in impartial media that many of Bahraini Shias are protesting for that (to obtain their common rights). The negative remarkable issue is that those people of Bahrain who are protesting against the government for their rights, are deemed as the majority of Bahrain's population. Factually, they are Shia Muslims who are approximately 70% of all Bahrainis.

More study about that:

Hehe !

The Surprising Fact by which this country has provided is of the heritage and the love of its people. Manama is a fun place to hang-out either with friends or your beloved ones. One of the most interesting scenarios i tend to find is that of its rich-developed people that this country has on its behalf. Developed in the sense of Education and Culture.

To witness this, one must desire to visit this country and its capital for its full potential that you might receive.


Manama is the capital and its beautiful. Here is the local market where you get everything in less price .

As if I'm in a city in Bangladesh or India, though cleaner.

Well, I have just moved to Manama after working for about 3 years in Oman, what surprised me the most here is fuel stations - very rare to find and most of the time crowded , Internet connection cost - way cheaper than Oman, for about 10 usd you get unlimited package with other benefits , speed limit on high ways - it's just  100 kmph across the country.

It surprised me that the people are so warm to the immigrants and the culture.

The International racing circuit was the other. My husband took me to drive in the circuit. The asphalt is steaming hot during the day, But had a thrilling speed drive in the circuit.

Then there is City Centre Bahrain, where there are plenty of entertaining centres and also a whole water park inside it. I enjoyed shopping there.

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