What surprises tourists when they visit your country?

I live in Thailand, even though I'm American, so I'll answer related to here.

The heat: people see this coming but the experience is something else. I remember getting out of the airport initially and thinking that it must be the hot season, but it wasn't, it was the rainy season (in September). It's really the humidity that does it. It's nice for beach outings or hanging out at a pool though.

Low prices (for some things): again visitors know some things won't cost much but seeing basic meals selling for $1 to $1.50 doesn't seem possible. That doesn't get you much, maybe noodle soup, pad thai, or chicken and rice, but you can live on very little if you choose to. Something like tennis shoes or kids' brand name toys actually cost more here; that part is strange. It's because in places like the US there was a long trend of reducing import tarrifs, enabling import of cheap goods from abroad. The Trump administration is negating that, which will raise the cost of living in the US. I'm not sure that even with higher prices for imported goods the US can once again manufacture things like tennis shoes and kids' toys; time will tell, but it seems unlikely.

Do Muslim women go to the gym?

Oh yes, I love going to the gym.I a muslim and a hijabi and I started going to the gym regularly about a month ago, I have also started running. I didn't go before because I have been struggling with anxiety ( nothing to do with religion)

I am a 32 year old female in India. Is it too late to get married?

I read atleast 10 answers among the 100+ and I simply could not stop myself from replying. The gist of my reply is NO. It's not late.Marriage in India is very pure and binds two souls together. In India attempting a second chance in marriage is worse than marrying late.

Is it better to do 5 sets of 10 push-ups in a single workout or 15 sets of 10 push-ups over the course of a day?

In my opinion, and from experience, it is better to do multiple small sets over a longer time than a compressed set of pushups, with a lower overall volume, at once. This is somewhat dependent on your condition and intentions.If you're already very good at pushups, i.e. you do a pushup properly and not like the majority