What technological advancement are you waiting for?

I am waiting for AI assistants that actually work.

Try having a conversation with Alexa and you will understand what I mean. Cortana and Siri are even worse. They are just too primitive.

I need an AI that understands what I say and remembers it. If I tell it that I don't like certain type of food then it should know not to suggest me the exact food next time I ask for a suggestion.

AI at my home should be the same AI in my car. Today what you have in the car has no relationship with what you use at home. There should be a central place in the cloud where your personal AI keeps memory of your conversation. It should know if you are upset just by looking at you.

There are so many things that I am waiting for in technology related to using solar energy more efficiently, being able to edit my own genes, being able to travel to space affordably, etc but AI seems so doable and within reach.

One more thing: I want an AI to detect that the phone call I am getting is from a robo caller and talk to it. Let machines talk to each other and don't bother me with any of that.


I think there is too much concentration into the technological progress than for the collective betterness of the life, thus the entire planetary ecosystem.

I wonder and i guess how technology will be used into the future, and if the human nature remains as it is before a thousands of years ago, i think there will be no changes about what technological advancements there will be, because if the behavioural system of the human being remains at the same level, we are all condamned to the doomsday.

I spend my time contemplating about the potential and most dangerous uses that can be applied to advanced technologies and the possibility of these technologies to be used, for evil purpouses in order to elaborate countersolutions to these problems, of course at an individual level.

I'm not so excited about what new technological improvements there will be, and i'm not waiting for nothing special exept for a little bit of self-consciousnousity about other human beings and generally toward the life it self.

Who's waiting? I have other stuff to do. :)

I watch tech developments in general; I'm inclined to look in on aerospace developments and power systems more than others, but have some interest in computational tech too.

I'm more interested in the influence of technological and scientific developments on culture and politics, hence in society, than I am in any particular development, but that's a reflection of the fact that I'm no longer active in tech. I worked in tech from the early 1960s to the late 2000s.

What are some good automotive tips?

Some of these are about cars, as well as driving in general.That blue reflector in the roadway means there's a fire hydrant located on the side of the road there.  So don't plan on being able to park next to it as you approach.

Which company offers the best group of apps, Apple, Google or Microsoft?

I think of the three you've mentioned each has an area where they are strong and an area to improve.Google trumps the other two when it comes to a pure online (offline is extremly limited) play for office data.Apple trumps the other