What things make life memorable?

Life is made memorable by the struggle when you take up the challenges of life.

We all wish to have an easy and comfortable life. We wish to flow with life and enjoy life to the fullest. However, there are times in your life, when this cozy relationship with life is shaken and you can't allow the things to be as they are because tolerating them become too intolerable.

When you take up a fight and challenge the life, it becomes memorable because only under such challenging situation, you give your best and you discover yourself.

You may be familiar with the historical incident of 1893, when Gandhi was thrown out of the train while travelling to Pretoria in South Africa inspite of carrying a first class ticket. He would have surely felt humiliated. He could have submitted to the injustice which was so prevalent during those days in South Africa. Yet he decided to fight the injustice. He stayed back - for 21 years to fight for rights of the Indians in South Africa. He converted a challenge to an opportunity and changed not only his own life but the course of history as well.

If I have to remember a few memorable incidents of my life, they all came when I took up the challenges and sailed against the tide of the public opinion.

My decision to leave my job in in 1987 to join M Tech to prepare for CSE or join Academics was a difficult decision resisted by most people. Yet I am glad that I did so since it made me what I am today.

In my twenty five years of career as an IRS officers, I made many cases against many big shots. I was always scared before making the case since any failure would have costed me dearly. Yet all good cases made by me are still imprinted in my mind and I feel glad that I did them.

Your difficult moments test you and let you discover yourself deeply and honestly.

You create your memorable moments by struggling with life to follow your ideals and accomplish your goals.

Source: Biography : Gandhi in South Africa

For me,  it is the especially good or especially bad experiences that are memorable.
   I would much more prefer more good experiences in life.
     Good experiences can sometimes take many many years of work. Bad experiences can happen within a minutes carelessness.
    My favorite experiences have been a satisfaction at completing a project and completing a day of work.
    And then, of course,  having a day off to be free to do what you enjoy!
      Something I learned after far too long and far too many jobs, is that people don't, remember all the details or boring reliable work you have done at a job. But they do remember kindness and genuine friendliness.
    Sometimes when you are concentrating or concerned with some task or problem, you can come off as abrupt, or disinterested in people and they will misinterpret that and remember that and not remember the work you were trying to accomplish.
    I have to remind myself how important that actually is and set it as a goal as it is not something that comes naturally to me.
     You can be surprised to find out what was your shyness and social awkwardness can be misinterpreted as standoffishness or even make people think you don't like them!
    There have been a couple of times in my life I only found that out after getting to know a person better, so it probably happened much more frequently than that!
      But I guess that is more the question of what do people find memorable about your life!
    Ha ha!
    I also find people tend to interpret the world according to what they happen to be good at.
   Then tend to place high importance on those abilities or interests and low or none on other things.
     It has helped me in realizing how ones interests and activities produce a kind of tunnel vision that you might not be consciously aware of.
    Well, cheers to more good experiences that help prove the good things of the world and people and not the bad!

Doing something which gives you proud and respect feeling for yourself whole of your life......is something which makes life memorable.

Something which you adore for yourself....


The lives you touched...

The goals you achieved...

The adorable relations you maintained with family and friends...

And special moments you will remember would be the one :

When you lived your life your own way.....the time which you spent with self....

  1. My dad's loud laugh when he thinks something is funny.
  2. My mom's smile when I tell her I love her.
  3. The long drives with my baby sister.
  4. Staying up until the crack of dawn with my closest friends. Talking about music and relationships and just laughing until we feel it deep down in our hearts.
  5. Driving down back roads listening to your favorite songs.
  6. Taking risks.
  7. Focusing more on the positive sides of life. Pessimism is toxic.

Love and people make life memorable.

Little things that you remember in the dead of night. Things like going to a Mcdonalds that was closed, but your friends have friends that worked there and you still got food. Things like your first day of high school, or when that dude rolled around on the floor like a spy without the teacher seeing. Things like the games you played with your sister when you were growing up. They're little things, but still things you hope to not forget.

The things, the events, the memories that give your life a feeling of instant wonderment, beatitude, love, warmth, spiritual high, closeness with loved ones, victory over sadness, triumph over odds, and success.

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