What third parties are better alternatives than the Democratic and Republican party?

There are no alternatives.

The way our system is setup, its either you vote right, or you vote left. There is no compromising-and our system is too engrained to change up now. Too many delegates, too many congressman, and too many people to educate. It would take ages upon ages to convince people that their are other options.

Accounting for 325 million people in America-if you look at the voter turnout for 2016, a little over than a quarter voted during D/R primaries (30%). With all of the loopholes, some states often vote on an open primary, or closed primary often restricting unaffiliated voters from voting for a 3rd party (L. Johnson, G. Stein).

When it comes down to it, if American voters decided to vote for someone different, how many Democrats or Republicans would be willing to risk their career to support a lesser majority?

The only option for 3rd party candidates is to creep their way inside the Red or Blue Parties in order to consider themselves a contested candidate. This is what Sanders did (was an independent), and this is what Trump did (Corporate Exec with no experience).

To note: Sanders didn't join the Democratic party until 2015 for his contested run as a Presidential nominee.

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What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had never lost the war?

I found this answer in another question on Quora. Not realistic, but very interesting, so I thought I'd copy-paste it. (I had already saved this answer) 1943: Manstein and his Panzer Division break the Soviet encirclement of Paulus and his 6th Army. Stalingrad is then captured by Paulus who is promoted to Field

If light bends around a massive object, why don't sun light bend all around the circumference of earth, making day all time?

In his context, Earth is featherlight. The first measurement of this effect during solar eclipse (in 1919 by Arthur Eddington; see Tests of general relativity) was at the border of reproducibility, and modern gravitational microlensing  measurements are not much better. But the effect definitively exists, and is useful for discovery of distant, massive, dark objects.

How to make a billion dollars in 4 years

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