What time of year is it best to visit Canada?

Canada is a nation with great cultural and ethnic diversity. It is a combination of peerless landscape and compelling cities, of modern distractions and timeless comforts. It is a cultural mosaic as it is made up of people from all over the world. Blessed with an abundance of attractions, Canada will enliven your visit no matter the time of year.

The best time to visit mainly depends on what you want to do there.

Summertime is definitely the best time to visit Canada and they run from June till around September. Sunny days and pleasant temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius or higher make this the ideal time to travel Canada's outdoors. Hiking trails are cleared and open, lakes and rivers are flowing with much more wildlife around. Camping, golfing and fishing aside, this is also the time Niagara Falls has its maximum visitors. The shortest of all seasons, days of Autumn are noticeably shorter with the first frosts appearing. Leaves turn a beautiful shade of yellow and brown.

Winter is the longest season of the year with even daytime temperatures running below 0 degrees Celsius and colder nights. The ideal time for dog sledding or ski vacations, this is also perfect for the Northern lights. Quebec's renowned Winter Festival features a carnival ice and snow sculptures and more. March to May is the spring period in Canada. A fairly rainy period, days are warmer with flowers in bloom and cool nights. The coastal regions have much warmer days as well. May is whale-watching season along the Atlantic coast

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Unlike the misconception, the Canadians do not live in Igloos near polar bears. They enjoy all four seasons. But it is true that winter in Canada can be harsh.

If you intend to travel Canada as a tourist, then keep in mind to pack necessary winter colds and your required essentials. Winter in Canada is harsh and not many people are exposed to such winter experience. In order to get a wonderful tourist experience try visiting Canada during spring or summer.

It depends on what you like doing. I found Winterlude in Ottawa to be wonderful .. skiing in February in Whistler Mountain in British Columbia used to be great (when I was a young man). OTOH, Springtime in Vancouver is a visual and olfactory delight (most people ignore their sense of smell .. but you CAN smell the scents of Spring). Walking around Vancouver's Stanley Park in summer is extremely enjoyable. The autumn colours in late September to early October in Ontario and Quebec are a splendid display of Nature's bounty.

Anytime really. Canada is awesome in every season. Although, if you don't like the cold, do not come here in the winter. Especially the Praire provinces. Like Saskatewan (spelled that wrong, I am sure) and Alberta. Those two provinces can get pretty cold and chilly in the winter. But you can ski, skate, go sledding, and many other things.

In summer, you can swim, tan on the beach, play golf, soccor, badminton, whatever really..... and it can get prettu hot in the summer. Spring can get wet, and muddy but that is when all the babies are being born. Like foals, baby rabbits, etc

In Fall, the trees turn red, yellow, orange and brown. It is so beautiful!

Come down to Canada anytime.

It depends on where you go and what you want to do. Canada is the second largest country in the world and we have an abundant of microclimates and activities.

If you're looking to ski & snowboard: Winter & early spring

Enjoying the beaches and hiking: Summer

Enjoying the golden leaves and a quick hike: Fall

Shoulder season (the season between peak and low) is in the spring time across the country. If you want all the tourist attractions to your self, with semi-decent weather, spring time is your season. Keep in mind thought that in areas like B.C, spring season is rain season, expect a lot of rain.

-Madison Mussio

Well you heard of our snow eh?

well in Canada you wouldn't want to visit us in the winter time because it is pretty damn cold. In 2013 we had one do the coldest winters where almost all our electricity went out and power lines and sources of energy were basically frozen due to how cold it was. It was almost maybe -40 degrees Celsius or worse (something like that) but our usual winters are normally in the range of -20 degrees Celsius to about 30–35 degrees celsius.

so if you want to visit Canada try visiting during the spring time,early summer time and during the fall.

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