What time of year is it best to visit the United Arab Emirates?

Dubai is the place where you have have 6 months of Summer and another 6 of Winter. So if you like to Visit Dubai and enjoy the day and night life, Come in October and Leave before May.

From May to the end of September, Dubai becomes HOT HOTTER HOTTEST (38–52 deg with 50–60% humidity), from the beginning of October the weather will say, chill bro. December to March is the peak of Winter, you cannot go out without a sweater, even the temperature will be OK (22–28deg)to live with but the wind is like 25–30 kmph.

Hope this solves your query.

I had visited UAE ie Dubai and Abu Dhabi during the shopping festival period i.e. January 2015. The Global village which had loads of good stuff to buy and many other shopping malls had discounts going on then. As per my observation then, even the Gold Scouk market had discounts on jewellary. From the shopping perspective the shopping festival period is sought after by tourists!

December / January - weatherwise ideal. Gets pretty chill at night at times. Cooler weather sets in from late Sept & lasts till almost mid-late May. Nov - March is a good window.

Shopping wise Dec/Jan is a good time too as the DSF - Dubai Shopping Festival - starts in Dubai.

Food - ideal to sit out & have ur drink/meal.

if the place you're visiting is north, spring is where it's at, if it's any other area, winter. middle eastern countries are usually very hot(except some northern parts in some countries) and winter's chill helps balance it out.

that was weather-wise. but fun-wise, then summer, all the events and stuff happen then, but your brain will figuratively melt.

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The best time to visit UAE is between December to February (Winter season). However, there UAE winter is nothing but pleasant weather between 15–25C.

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