What treatment can be done for OCD affected people?

It is not a disorder. Your best bet is, as soon as you can, take him or her to your nearest Church of Scientology.

What you want to do when you guys get to the Church are a Stress Test, and a Personality Test.

These will give them enough information to know where to start, and they will tell him or her the steps he or she needs to take to handle whatever comes up.

They will probably recommend Dianetics counseling. He or she should do it.

Any medical issues like broken bones or pinched nerves, etc., etc.. need to be addressed first.

Good luck.

I don't even feel like working hard on anything. What's going on actually?

Introvert is not the same as being secluded and acting like a hermit. You feel disappointed because you feel cheated by some folks whom you thought were friends and were not supposed to do so. The problem was not with them

How does Ensure help you lose weight?

Ensure is a commercial brand of nutrition shake with quite a few varieties. It is not specifically designed for weight loss. It is more often used by folks who are at risk for malnutrition, such as people who have digestion or absorption problems or simply do not take in enough food. It is made

Hackers: What ways are there to find out how my computer was hacked?

Check your logs!In windows: (windows key)+r and then enter eventvwr.mscIn the *nix world you'll find similar data in /var/log/*If you can isolate the events that occurred around the time before your symptoms (missing files). then you may be able