What type of wisdom improved your life quality?

Tibetan book of the dead..

do not get scared by the title.. it is a pretty calm and soothing book (creepy, huh?).. it talks about the person's ability to see the path to eternity..

the first step is to be prepared to take the trip: if the person is not ready, the person will be trapped in a maze of sorts and will have to face himself/herself and be reborn..
if a person is ready - meaning person is calm and observant - the trip will be easier..

this opened my eyes on how "unprepared" (based on that book's description) i was: at that time, i am sure my first reaction would have been to panic and following the book, be reborn..
ever since then, i was working on strengthening myself mentally and spiritually to be able to deal with what life throws at me...

this helped a lot with my perception of people: taking them as tests/trials of my patience and lessons i have to learn.. i was able to form my obligations to my family: such as making a pledge to transfer my knowledge to my child, making proper arrangements while i am still alive (and sane) as far as designating beneficiaries, obtaining power of attorney..

and overall, i came to realize that not many people treat life like i do now: hence i am kinder to them as many are fighting much harder battles..
i am at a point where i put emphasis on human spirit - not material possessions - and if today i am told that i would have to leave all i have for my child's well-being, i will be able to do it in a heartbeat and without a second thought..

in the last couple of years, in line with this kinder disposition, i donated quite a few things of my own to assist others who are genuinely struggling.. and it felt quite liberating.. i am more aware of what i do buy: mostly consumable products such as food; and some clothing items only because the child is growing so fast :)
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