What video game(s) have you mastered?

I've mastered quite a few games, here's just a few of them:

-Super Mario Kart 7 (Got entire 3 star profile)

The only true mastery I have in a game is at Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer: Generals and Napoleon Total War. All three of them are strategy games. Specifically the first and the last one, most especially, I already attained great mastery there, to the point that I got bored then uninstall and then install them again and repeat.

And I would love to mention Dota 2, currently my favorite strategy game (not quite a strategy game, since you only control one unit there), as well as League of Legends. But I haven't quite got the master level in the former, despite already having a high ranked rating there.

Others are: GTA SA and V, Call of Duty series, Battle Realms and Red Alert 2. But I know I'm not the only one who got a mastery in these games.

Forza horizon 2 and 3. Titanfall 2.

Battlefield 1, 3, 4, hardline.

PubG, CSGO, insurgency, Day of infamy< day of defeat.

Starwars battlefront (classic and new all of them).

need for speed 2015, the crew, assassins creed ( pretty much all of em.) Emperyion, galactic survival. MMO's in general are easy ( WoW ,SW:TOR, LOTRO, D&Do, Startrek online.) war frame and Xcom 1 and 2.

atleast those are the games i can think of that i tend to do extremely well in, usually getting top place or finishing with great results.

Let's see games I have mastered or have gotten really go at. Hmm... Yes! So, l got good at the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games like crazy good to the point I can take no damage when fighting three death claws in Fallout New Vegas, and not using a sniper rifle. I have mastered the Resistance games by Insomniac Games. I can even to this day remember the enemy spawns and reactions when the player enters the given level. That's just to name a few however I got good at a lot of games before I graduated high school, however once I got to college my skills went down. Not for lack of trying I was just focused on getting my degree.

How many games have you mastered?

None, I don't consider any game mastered until I have the No. 1 Spot in the speedrun community for X Game or if it's multiplayer the No. 1 and even if I was the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the elite of the.. E L I T E.

I'd keep playing as if I'm in 2nd place, nobody can really master a game, the beauty of endless improvement, the standards rise and you just rise higher and higher to push beyond what is possible in life.

Master? How that can be determined is very objectively. I rarely don't conquer, but room for perfecting techniques or otherwise is always there. If I very conservatively estimate 30 hours average per week, for 28 years, that's 43,680 hours playing for me personally. What's a Master? That's 5 years, actually playing. A 6th of my life. NES, SNES, N64, PlayStation, Xbox. I go mostly retro. I'm sure I couldn't make a full list.

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