What was US culture like in WWII?

It was a much simpler and more innocent time.  First of all no T.V. and no computers.  They existed at the time, of course, but commercial T.V. did not exist until after WW 2 in the U.S  and there were less then a dozen computers in the whole wide world.

So the main technologies were electric power,  phone,  gasoline engines and steam driven locomotive were still in the majority compare to Diesels.

In terms of how we lived:  women stayed home and kept house and brought up the kids.  Men went out to work.   Later on  men were drafted and women had to fill in some of jobs left vacant by men in service.  Rosie the Riveter was born.  Even so women were not nearly as independent as they are now.

Schools were quaint by current standards.  We learned in stuffy classrooms (no air conditioning) and the upper side of the blackboards were  plastered with Palmer Method handwriting samples (we wrote in script back then, with ink pens --- no ball points).  And of course a big picture of George Washington was front and center on the wall  beneath which an American flag was displayed at the end of a pole.  Every morning we would say the Bellamy Pledge  with no "nation under god"  thank you. 

We were expected to be obedient and patriotic.  We wore long pants and neatly pressed shirts and there were no heavy metal objects grafted to our eyebrows and cheeks.

Race relations were not so hot then.  Blacks could not vote in the South and "colored people"  were generally not regarded as equal to white folks.  In those days  Joe Louis  was a "credit to his race" and Joe Dimaggio was still belting them out of the park until he signed up for military service.

In those days girls were less likely to go into the sack with their boy friends although some did.   I remember going to one "parking place" in daylight and seeing the ground littered with used rubbers.  Some things never change I guess.

We read more,  and saw movies more back then.  No T.V., remember???  We also were entertained by network radio broadcasts.    On Saturdays  it was
Let's Pretend,  the Buster Brown Show,  Land of the Lost,  Grand Central Station on the radio  (that gets us to about 1:00 pm).   There were soap operas on radio and on weekend nights comedies and detective shows.
Casey, Crime Photographer,  Nick Carter, Master Detective,  Dr. Ordway, Crime Doctor,  Mr. Keen,  Tracer of Lost Persons, Dick Tracy, and Don Winslow, ONI.   Around supper the Lone Ranger Rides Again!!  Jack Armstrong, All American  Boy.  And for Sci Fi fans,  Buck Rogers of the Twenty Fifth Century. 

We used to read more in those days, than people do now.

For a white family  WW 2 up through 1960   was as good as it gets.  Hardly any inflation,  jobs for any white person who wanted to work, lots of summer work for kids.  For non white folks it was not nearly so good.  The Eisenhower Years. 1952-1960 was just about as good as it ever got.

The bad news.  Lead Tetra Ethyl high test gas was still in use. We were all  breathing in lead fumes and having 10 points shaved off our I.Q. scores.
Up until 1956  ever summer was Polio Hell.  Before Salk and Sabin, Polio was the ever present menace.  Every one of us  knew someone who got polio and ended up lame, dead or in an iron lung.  That is the way it was.
It was very patriotic, very much like all the other countries. People would hang American flags any and everywhere. If you were even slightly anti American, you were shunned from your community
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