What was the best online learning experience you had?

Back in 201, I was hired by SCI as a lead instructional Designer. I was hired into a small team based on a great interview. My manager is someone who I still highly respect today. He taught me so much because I was open to learning new styles, new software and new practices. It was a time in my life when I was searching and someone gave me a chance! It is still the most money I have make on a job to date. Sometimes the willingness to succeed supersedes your experience or lack there of..


God knows how many online course I took the last few years. I took some to evaluate the experience and not just for learning. The one that tops them all is a Udacity Nanodegree course. Udacity seems to have thought a lot, not just about the quality of the content of their courses, but the delivery too. And based on the delivery, I can safely say it was the best experience.

Who makes the electric motor for the Tesla Model S?

I understood that it was made in Taiwan by Fukuta Electric & Machine Company.  Here is my source:"Fukuta Elec. & Mach. Co., Ltd. is the only Taiwanese supplier of the motor on the Model S featuring high-conductivity die-cast copper rotor for higher efficiency, lower power consumption, compact size and lighter weight."Taiwan Supplies some 12%

Can you be irreligious and still believe in God?

No, not really.No one just believes in "god". They believe in a specific concept of god, with specific attributes.While you might no longer be a member of a particular organized religion or cling to it's dogma, your whole concept of God came from one religion.In

Why do stars stop recycling in some galaxies? Will star formation cease all together one day?

Stars produce the heavier elements that are included in later stars.  But the key element in hydrogen, essential for new stars.  (Helium burning occurs only near the end.)Galaxies stop making stars when they lost the gas and dust from which