What was the craziest team building you've ever had?

Thanks for the A2A!

I used to work for a company filled with a lot of young, energetic and enthusiastic people. We were all new college graduates at the time, so we still had a lot of kid left in us. Our Manager at the time understood this, and would always plan really engaging physical team building activities for us. (Helped we had a awesome budget for team building activities)

Here are some of my favorite activities we did (the crazy part is debatable):

  • We rented a boat on a lake and spent the day jumping off the boat, and we rented a few jet skis that we blasted around in. We then parked on an island for games (cornhole, Ninja, Signs etc) and spent the evening roasting marshmallows and talking about our goals
  • Team Paintball games were a staple (the bruises were worth it)
  • Broomball (bootleg hockey that you play at a skating rink)
  • We got up a few mornings a month and ran a mile as a team, yelling makeshift army chants along the way (we were a big hit at the park we ran at) To make it fun we all took turns making up call/response chants based on the company name/mission statement etc.

For each event, we would always spend the later portion going around a circle and giving each other Champions (here's some things you do well/did well) and Challenges (things we could each improve on).

Typically we would also listen to a motivational speech, discuss a passage/reading, and share team goals/things we were striving towards and working for, as well as things we were thankful for.

This was the most amazing team I ever worked on thanks to the way our Managers encouraged us to consistently communicate and be open with one another. We rarely had conflicts or issues because through all of our activities we all quickly became fast friends. Our managers always encouraged us to champion/challenge each other every day, a habit we took to heart.

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