What was the first television show to have a two part episode?

Although both parts had different names (as opposed to 'part 1' and 'part 2'), the I Love Lucy episodes about Cousin Ernie coming to New York and the Hollywood episodes about Lucy stealing John Wayne's footprints could be considered two parters.
Additionally one of the first hour long episodes is written in this format - the first half hour deals with Lucy meeting and trying to make a good impression on New neighbor Talula Bankhead, the second half hour Lucy tries to get her to appear for a school function.

Why are they so many local governments

I will answer this for the United States.  The US system of government is a federal system that divides the powers between the government in Washington DC (the Federal government) and the states.  The Federal government is in charge of certain things

What if France invaded Germany in WW2?

Neither the French nor the British Armies were psychologically prepared to go to war in 1939/40. Their political leadership was convinced they would be able to

What would happen if Russia declared war on Mongolia?

Mongolia has very few people and practically no power to stop the invasion.It will be Ukraine all over again .the entire international community will put sanctions on Russia This time even Russia's allies might not support Russia as the incident was unjustified.the already strained Russian economy will go into further depression Oil will