What was the hardest thing you had ever fixed?

The hardest think I ever fixed was trust in others. With that being said, it took a choice to believe in someone bigger, than me and to understand the truth of unconditional love. This creates an environment for my faith to heal the mistrust that was in my heart.

To fix something there has to be knowledge in whatever is needing to be fixed. By fixing something emotional you have to be taught what the root of the problem is, then seek education for it, then making a choice to let the problem be healed. Fixing an emotional issue can take time. So one key component to fixing it is patience.

I am certain you were not looking for an emotional example of the question you asked. However, being a guy dealing with emotional issues is difficult for us, because often times emotions are not logical. However, this is an issue that can be fixed within us, through the training we receive from faith.

Is core strength the same as abs strength?

It's amazing how many people get this wrong. It's not just you; I have seen experienced trainers refer to ab workouts as

I just started new job how do I make my new co-workers like me?

They don't have to like you, they have to respect you and give you what you deserve.But if it is so important for you, getting the job done is great way to let them like you, in fact if my company hire someone but it work sucks and give me more work, i don't think

Is it better to do frequent light sessions at the gym or fewer but heavy sessions?

Both- some days you want to do maximum intensity with minimal time and other days you want to do longer time with lighter intensity. This is what will get you the best results and keep you seeing progress because you are adding variety to your regimen instead