What was the moment when you realised that you don't love that person anymore?

I realized that I don't love that person anymore-

  • When he cheated on me. For me, loyalty is the foremost thing in a relationship and if you could not stand loyal, then I don't think I can love you anymore.
  • When he abused and slapped me. There is a very thin line between ego and self-respect but apparently, this guy destroyed both for me. I could not take that relationship forward with this ill-treatment, I walk out gracefully with my head held high after giving him the taste of his own medicine, right on his face.

What are some typical misconceptions Americans have about Christianity?

A2A but this is becoming a trash bin quick...Basically the biggest thing is that the religion is a lot older than the American context.First: the conservative branch of the protestant religion is not typically expressed in a republican style hybrid. Nor is the liberal aspect of the

What exercises and diet plan will help me get muscles?

You have to think of adding healthy habits into your lifestyle. Try and exercise regularly. Go to the gym and start working. If you don't prefer lifting weights, you can always try something like calisthenics or a combination of both.Also, changing your daily eating

Can you give me specific examples of 'fake news' by the mainstream media? Not generalized complaints about news coverage but stories that were later proven to be intentionally made up.

Oh, you want an example of fake news from mainstream media do you? Well, I got you one from the UK where they are flat out lying about a youtuber turned politician that I've been following for five years. From the Daily Mail,