What was the most overhyped place you've traveled to?

Well, this was a long time ago so places change and grow, but my trip to Williamsburg, Virginia was disappointing. I'm from a city in Pennsylvania USA with great historical facts. A friend and I drove around and visited a few historical points of interests. These included a village depicting life back in the 1770's during the American Revolution. At that time, they were just empty vacant shacks. I know there is now great improvement with artifacts given and volunteers reacting life from that period. I would like to revisit the site someday.

The other was specific sites of battles. It was just trees and swampy looking areas with a sign posted there. I was a teenager, so I'm guessing I didn't get the true spirit of the place as I would now, as an adult who appreciates what others have done to give we Americans our freedom.

Not exactly over-hyped, but a place we would have thought would have been better than it was. Milan, Italy. I would have much rather spent an extra day in Verona, then waste a day in Milan. Dirty, full of immigrants everywhere, not as much to do and or see as we had thought. Verona was a much more friendly and beautiful town, as was Turin.

Why is Australia superior to New Zealand?

One way in which Australia is far superior to New Zealand is in the treatment of Mental Health. In New Zealand the under funded and over worked mental health system is unable to cope with the demand meaning that many people who urgently need help have to wait

What would science be like if Christianity never existed?

The scientific methodology might slowly evolve in the Islamic world or in China. Both cilivisations had the pre-requisites for a scientific revolution in its own rights. But this makes a lot of assumptions based on the absence of certain historic events. But suffice to say, scientific methodology is