What was the most shocking time you were let go by police?

Well, you see, I was driving along the beach, and saw a hotty running by... just not the car stopped up ahead.

Not fast - no damage, but we waited for the officer to show.

Seems the driver of the other car, from out of state, was driving on a suspended license.

She was pissed he was giving her the ticket, not me. I, obviously, rear ended them...

His reasoning: suspended, she shouldn't have even been on the road, if she hadn't been, it never would have happened.

I, uh, was a bit surprised, but said nothing.

He gave her the ticket, told me to be careful. I looked at his badge, to get his name to thank him properly... at least.

"Thank you, Officer Campbell!"

Drug bust . I'm taken in and interrogated 5 hours by drug agents . Who found pictures of substantial amounts of marijuana on my phone over 300 pictures of small packages and pounds ( bricks ) . But that couldn't be used as evidence from my phone gallery i mean i could have downloaded weed pictures from Google . Google is full of them . So after 5 intense hours of trying to make me confess they let me go because the pictures where not valid proof of my activity . Signed a couple of document and escorted out of the building . On my way home . Interesting thing one of those agents i met at an event years later he actually approached me . Said i remember you . I said yes sir i remember clearly the day you let me go home with all that evidence of my illegal activity . The man was turning volcano red angry just turned around and walked away .

When I was drunk, belligerent and no good I assaulted a cop trying to stop a fight and disperse a crowd, the cops took me down stuck me in the car and took me to a substation for a little one on one time. They explained that they thought I was better than that and pointed out that they had just demonstrated that it would be no trouble for them to do anything they needed to with me no matter how dangerous I thought I was. They assured me they would be watching me and next time would go very badly for me, then they let me go, no charges. It was the start of a long change process, one of the best things that ever happened to me.

While in Waco Texas we were driving around rolling a joint when we got pulled over .... Cops took our bag and let us go ... seconds later we were pulled over again by the same cops who asked what we were planning on smoking the weed with .....we answered papers ....cops pulls out hand .... We gave them a look .....they say want to go to jail .....we say ....have a nice day mister .... No shit TRUE STORY

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