What was the most unfair thing that has ever happened to you?

Today, I was late for school. Why? The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) had "signal problems" which cost me 25–30 minutes of my time.

My school starts at 8:30. I arrived at 8:35, and I realized that I had P.E. I knew that my P.E teacher doesn't require you to get a late slip, but I decided to go and get one anyway.

So there I was, standing in a line of about 10 people, while our Dean of Students (Let's call her Ms. M), is filling out late slips and low-key roasting everyone who's late.

Finally, the guy in front of me goes to fill out his form. She asks him "Why are you late?" and he tells her that the TTC had a delay, which was my reason, too.

She then looks at the entire line and says something along the lines of "Guys, don't blame the TTC for your being late. You should know that the TTC is unreliable and you should leave 20 minutes earlier to compensate for it.

Now, remember that the delay had lasted 25–30 minutes. Nevertheless, I didn't want to be called out, so when I was asked for a reason, I just said "Just Late". The teacher who used to fill out late slips had accepted this reason in the past without a second glance. Ms. M, however, says "OK, so you can stand to the side until you can explain why you're actually late." So I say "Well, I was going to say that I'm late because of the TTC, but you don't think that's a good answer."

And then ... she says: "Oh, so you're just disorganized. Yep, just disorganized."

I mean, yeah, it was partly my fault that I didn't leave an additional 20 minutes early (I would have had to leave at 6:50), but I don't like to be labeled as disorganized because of something that I had no control over.

Rant Over.

I was graduated in 2014 with the degree of B.E. In Electrical engineering. I was already placed and i joined my company in 2014 December which was a private industry. I was a trainee in first year so i worked very hard during first year to get good knowledge and good impression on my seniors. After one year i was shifted to project work which is very good for a fresh engineer as too much learning is there.

After working a year as a trainee i got respect of my seniors and other persons in company as well. As we were in project state we ordered heavy machinery from manufacturing companies and so i was in project so i was supposed to go for testing of these machinery. I worked very hard for that and i prepared myself for it. I studied drawings, brochures etc etc.

At the time of deciding who will go to that place for testing my name was removed and some other person name was included there. It was a very shocking news for me as i was very much interested for it and most of the things related to my career were depended on this testing.

After this incidents i was completely broken and i was frustrated by my company as most of the things which are unnecessary like Xerox work, documentation work was my duty and all technical things were handling by somebody else.

After 5 months i gave my resignation to that company and prepared for government jobs. Today i am selected as JTO in BSNL which is far better than that private organisation. And i observed whatever happens happens for something good.

if you like to read more about my experience you can read in my blogs Aazaadiyaan


It happened some days ago.

It was the class of computer networking and all the students were told to make a java program to display the IP address and name of the system.

After 2 minutes.

"Mam i did it !" - i replied intensely. (I know socket programming very well so I did it.)

"Kya ? Tumne khud se kiya hai ?? Ya net se copy kiya hai ? Mujhe pta hai kon kar skta hai kon nhi... tumne kese kiya ?

Translation :-

"What ? You did it by yourself ? Or you copied it from internet ? I know very well who can do it and who cannot... how did you ?

Mam was shocked to see that I have completed it when no one else did.

My mind was shaken by hearing this।

She came close to see my code and confirmed again - "seriously you did it ?, I don't think so".

She assigned me some more tasks immediately so that I may get fail to answer and she can maintain her high-and-mighty attitude. But I answered all of them except one. She told me that she just want that one answer which I couldn't answer. After few minutes I did that too. I called her again that I did it mam. Now she kept quiet. Didn't answer my doubts simply because she doesn't know the answer to my questions.

I seriously don't like such type of teachers who just demotivates you instead of praising your work. It's the duty of teacher to keep a balance between strictness and politeness but some teachers just think about their Ego and nothing else.

Peace !

The bulk of my extended family turning against me.

My mother had Multiple Myeloma and didn't tell anyone for many years after her diagnosis.

Once I knew, my wife I was involved in her care right till then end in 2016. I was her Endearing Guardian and new of her wishes to not be resuscitated. We talked about this often to make sure she hadn't changed her mind, and it helped us both deal with the outcome of her illness,

She created a lot of distrust by not being honest and open with the family (my brothers, her mother, her brothers & sisters, her friends...) and many always felt I was hiding the truth too. She also distorted the facts to her doctors, which was causing the family to think she wasn't getting the correct treatment for her condition.

I would hear via the grapevine that a family member or friend was annoyed with me over something, so I'd go to them and hear them out and explain the reality of what was happening to smooth things over and keep everyone in the loop. This in itself was impacting me while I was trying to cope with the inevitable.

A few months after her death my 2 brothers turned up at my home, entered uninvited, and one belted me senseless, slamming my head several times against a range hood that protrudes out over our cook-top. They left me on my kitchen floor unconscious laying on broken glass. I was hospitalized for a period, and have lost feeling in my feet from the blows to my neck.

When the police later came they asked if I felt he was trying to kill me, I answered no because it is what I prefer to believe.

15 months after her death I haven't grieved yet, not one tear, nor been to her grave. I accept that she created the dilemma, but have chosen not to be bitter. I go about life not feeling down because of the number of people I have lost, but take comfort from those I still have. We all have a choice about how to react to an event, good or bad.

I'd say being mistreated by my ex-girlfriend and her mom. A little bit of background info: I am 23, atheist, and I have Asperger's syndrome. My ex-girlfriend is Christian as is her mom. Anyways, I got dumped by my ex only because I am atheist. She also was trying to push friendship, but I did not want to remain friends with her. She stated "I was treating you well." Unless you consider telling me to my face that my diagnosis is caused by a certain lifestyle and trying to push your beliefs on me treating me well, then you are surely mistaken.

Additionally, her mom treated me like absolutely garbage. She found out that I have Asperger's syndrome and said to me "Did you know that vaccines cause autism?" and "What do you mean that you have a disability? You can speak. You can think." She also gave me crap for being atheist, not liking football, and for being allergic to cats. All I ever did was be respectful to her parents and I treated my ex like a queen.

Thankfully I have a new girlfriend who loves me and accepts me for who I am. I don't need my ex, not even as a friend.

I was in a pizza parlor waiting for my friend who was running late because she had to drop her niece to her house. Normally, on weekdays, pizza parlors are not crowded but, that day it was. Maybe, the weekend was around the corner. But, there were at least 15–20 people sitting with friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, families, high school soccer team players. It was insanely loud and full.

As I was sitting all alone waiting for my friend. A man slammed open the door which grabbed everyone's attention, and everyone starts looking at him. The guy was in his middle 30s and had a boyish face. It was hard to tell if he was angry or upset as his face was giving a mix signals. The manager came immediately telling the guy that they're full for the day. Obviously, no one wants a troubled customer. As I commenced to mind my own business. The guy pushed the manager aside, and he started to walk toward in my direction. I was looking at him, then looking away. I didn't know what to do as my cheeks were turning red, and I didn't have anything on me to stop him. His heavy footsteps toward me made me sweat. And, he put his hand on my table and said, "You little c-t". My eyes widened and I had no strength to stand up for myself as everyone started to look at my direction. And, there was a sudden silence in the parlor.

I just managed to say, "excuse me?". But, that riled him and he start using slang words, and start accusing me that he saw me with a boy, Did I had fun last night? He was getting close to my face and I was sweating profoundly. The manager tried to intervene but, because of his language, he maintained his distance. Everything was happening so quickly that nobody had a clue.

Suddenly, his phone started to ring. The focus was divided and his phone ring was loud to make him stop midway and answer the phone. He first picked up and yelled "WHAT?" then his tone softens and he looked at me. It was a weird exchange and he walked out.

I sat there for 2–3 minutes, and everyone's whispers started to bother me, and the stares after every minute made me uncomfortable. I left after that asking my friend to meet me somewhere else.

As I exited, the guy was standing with a guilty face apologizing that he mistake me for someone else, and he doesn't mean whatever he said. He kept apologizing, and start telling me about his troubles in his relationships, and all.

I just said it's okay and walked away.

The most unfair thing that happened and hurts the most was that I had a coupon of 50% off on any pizza, and on any size with sidelines, and a drink. I sadly couldn't enjoy that!

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