What was the story in Marvel's The Avengers?

The basis of the movie is to form a team of "enhanced" beings, solo heroes in their own right, but "freaks" (Hulk, Thor), misfit shadow organizational agents (Black Widow and Hawkeye), an uncontrollable eccentric weapons genius (Iron Man) and a Super Soldier from a different era (Captain America)- all of whom are assembled by Nick Fury, a seasoned and personally experienced agent with expert military background, who believes that earth and mankind is insufficiency prepared to defend the planet from threats not from this earth.

Parallel to his efforst to assemble "the world's mightiest heroes", Fury continues his work on developing weapons technology from one of the Infinity Stones taken from WW2 , in the form of the cubic Tesseraxt, whom Germany's Red Skull had already manufactured a limited supply of remarkable Infinity Stone energized weapons.

The controversial issue that was so integral to Iron Man's origin to stop "making more weapons to keep us safe" is sowed and exploited by the God of Mischief in order to pre-empt the Avengera from coalescing to stop him. The near meltdown of the team was almost successful until the death of Agent Coulsen acted as a catalyst to help the team gel and come together against Loki.

Why doesn't ISRO has funding like NASA?

ISRO and NASA both are government agencies.USA-GDP (PPP)2016 estimate• Total-$18.581 trillion• Per capita-$57,294GDP (nominal)2016 estimate• Total- $18.558 trillion• Per capita-$57,220Expenditure-3,999,000 million USDINDIA-GDP (PPP)2016 estimate• Total-$8.727 trillion• Per capita-$6,664GDP (nominal)2016 estimate• Total-$2.384 trillion• Per capita-$1,820Expenditure-400,550 million USDI hope I have answered your question.

In a battle of Avengers vs Justice League, who would win (including X-Men and Watchmen)?

Alright so I've been reading some of the comments here and I think a lot of these post have good points about both sides here, but let's take a little overview of these roosters here if we are talking the broad avengers and xmen vs justice league and watchmen then I'd give it to the avengers and

Which is better, watching 'It' or reading 'It'?

I think the book is always better. But it's much harder to read than to watch; people don't like exercising their mind.I'd go with reading the book as movies are the lowest form of entertainment after Instagram/Snapchat.A friend of mine once forced me to watch THE SHINING movie. He assured me that it was