What was the weirdest housemate you've ever had?

The following are tied for weirdest:

1.) The woman who shaved the back of her head and left a pile of black hair on the floor. This was a roommate at a volunteer yoga retreat, so I guess I was just supposed to learn acceptance.

2.) The woman who was a stripper at a club, and kept chickens in the back yard of the house.

3.) That same woman didn't "trust plumbing", or thought it wasn't "green" enough, so she used a bucket in her room as a toilet. I moved out quickly so I have no idea if the health department was called.

4.) The landlord captured local squirrels and kept them in a cage in the basement because they were endangered. According to another tenant, she was a certified "squirrel restorer", or whatever is the official name for that.

What is the most memorable thing about visiting Death Valley?

What is the most memorable thing about visiting Death Valley?The first time I went was in April one year. What was most surprising to me (thus the most memorable) was the abundance of life!Flowers were everywhere; it was absolutely stunning!This photo of