What was your biggest cultural shock from visiting Baltimore?

I went there to go to the famous train museum. I really couldn't believe what a shit hole it was. Homeless people were everywhere. Everywhere. They had constructed massive tent cities under the overpasses. There were expensive yuppie bars a few hundred feet from dozens of sprawled beggars. The hotel people told me where it was safe to go even without my prompting. Much of the city seemed deserted and desperate when I drive around. Panhandlers were everywhere. The museum was stellar but Baltimore? I won't be going back.

Has any anime ever made you cry? What was it?

Well, no but the closest thing is when Light killed the Fiance of a FBI agent because she had information if discovered by the police could get Light discovered. And it set the mood too, right before he wrote her name in the Death Note page it started snowing and her backround

Why do I always feel so depressed after coming home from a vacation/trip?

Feeling depressed can be caused by a number of triggers, everyone's is unique and has their own reasoning behind it. There are therapy skills that can help us understand these triggers better and to overcome them. These techniques can be learned from