What was your biggest culture shock when moving to another country, and how long did it take to adjust?

People do things differently for different reasons in other cultures. In Zambia some tribes will mislead you on purpose because they think it is a great coup to pull one over on you. In Europe the government takes much longer to do things then in North America. And in some countries you just have to be prepared for a very slow pace of doing anything. Each culture is different so until you tell me which country you are going to I cannot be specific.

The size [small] of refrigerators in Germany. Appliances and electronics were much more expensive. As were things like blue jeans, coffee, ladies stockings... whiskey and water, beef and pork, beer and cigarettes. And gasoline. Cars too were much smaller, there were no emission controls, and yet the tires - steel-belted radials - held the road amazingly well.

It was a shock to somebody who, by nature is very communicative, because growing up in such a society, to suttenly be confronted with people, who dont speak more than just a few words, sharing four days and nights with you. And most of those words are: Okeyy .

I did not adjust, I escaped.

What is the beauty of South Africa?

There are many beautiful things about South Africa, to mention a few:1. The people - diverse cultures, languages, religions and races, who in most part get on very well together. We are passionate, hardworking and dedicated to our country. 2. The environment - amazing coastal regions and beautiful Incounrty regions. You

What is your most memorable cultural shock?

In 2010 I had one of my business trips to the US. I stayed there for about two months, and one day I got a sore throat which felt like tonsillitis. The first thing people usually do in Russia in such a situation is to try home treatment without visiting

What is the cheapest way to get from Singapore to Hong Kong?

If you have a VPN be sure you are logged into a HK or Chinese IP address, go to taobao or Travelzoo and be sure you are logged into There are sales for flights for as little as 40-50$....book one way tickets and save even more.I booked a